A Home for 1 Million Agri-Food
Entrepreneurs Transforming Africa’s
Agricultural Landscape

Why We Exist?

By 2050, 2.4 Billion people will live on the African Continent. At the very minimum, if they spend $1 a day on food, this represents a $876 billion annual market. If they spend $10, this represents a $8.76 trillion annual market. Whether you are an optimist or a pessimist about the future of the African Continent, you can agree that the future of food and agriculture landscape holds significant potential, not just because of the size of the market, but also because the Continent is naturally endowed for agricultural excellence.

African entrepreneurs must drive the transformation of this landscape and ensure that the Continent feeds itself and becomes a net exporter of food.

The Nourishing Africa Hub serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to accelerate their work, connect with funders, markets, talent, and celebrate their successes on the Continent. The portal includes information about data, funding, knowledge, e-learning, African food and chefs, career opportunities, and other resources to enable entrepreneurs to scale their impact.

Our Mission

To drive the profitable and sustainable growth of the African agriculture and food landscapes by attracting, empowering, equipping, connecting and celebrating over 1 Million dynamic and innovative young African agri-food entrepreneurs.

Our mission image
Our mission image
Our Vision

A flourishing, sustainable, and just food ecosystem, which leverages agtech and digital innovations, driven by Africa’s vibrant entrepreneurs to ensure that the Continent nourishes itself, is food secure, and becomes a net exporter of food by 2050.

Our Values

Excellent Service

We put our members and partners at the heart of everything we do. We go above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations while creating a sustainable impact.


We are problem solvers. We are attuned to the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the sector and provide pioneering solutions for our members and partners.


We uphold strong moral principles, transparency, and honesty in everything we do. We take personal responsibility to deliver our work on-time, with the highest standards possible.


We believe in the power of diversity, inclusivity, collective genius, and shared success. We actively engage stakeholders who have similar values and uphold the same standards to implement programs and create solutions to transform the agriculture landscape in Africa.