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Mosun Layode
Mosun Layode is our Expert of the week and will be answering your questions on Strategic Networking

Mosun Layode is a development professional with two decades of experience in international development and nonprofit leadership. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the African Philanthropy Forum (APF) where she works extensively across Africa with established and emerging philanthropists who are committed to the sustainable and inclusive development of Africa.

She was instrumental to the establishment of APF as an independent entity in Africa, increasing its reach and impact in the philanthropic community, as well as growing its brand and membership base. Prior to this, she served as the Executive Director of WIMBIZ and LEAP Africa, leading non-profits in Nigeria. Passionate about the interplay of social issues and business, Mosun founded Social Runway, a nonprofit organization that supports social innovators. She has also served as an independent development consultant for non-profit organizations.

Mosun currently sits on non-profit boards and recently joined the Board of Trustees of Candid, a US-based nonprofit that connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to do it. She is an alumnus of the United States International Visitors Leadership Program and was identified by Forbes as one of the black women to watch in philanthropy.
A seasoned networker and social innovator, Mosun Layode will be our Expert of the Week on Strategic Networking.