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Question: How can I build capacity in HR business?

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How can I build capacity in HR business?

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Hello Grace, thank you for your question. By building capacity in HR I understand your question to mean that you are looking for ways to ensure your HR team is being optimally utilized and working effectively. There are a few ways to do this. The first approach would be to adopt automation in your HR practices. Automation in this sense means using your digital tools to ensure that work processes are done effectively through forward planning and execution. An interesting example of automation in practise is the use of agile performance management. Agile and automated performance management helps build a culture of continuous feedback in a systematic way while saving managers time on formal performance reviews and increasing employee engagement and productivity. I have written an article that touches on this in more detail, you can access it here: Another approach in building capacity in HR is to adopt an analytical approach in business partnering. This will ensure that your HR department is using a results driven framework to make decisions on innovation and problem solving within the organization. For example, as we return to work during and post the pandemic understanding which jobs can be done remotely and which have to be done in a physical world, and how it impacts the bottom line, right from recruitment to succession planning for key roles.

Foluso Agbaje

Jobberman - Nigeria