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BYTE BY BYTE: Policy Innovation for Transforming Africa’s Food System with Digital Technologies - Ghana Case Study 2019

Ghana has a rapidly developing digitalization environment. According to the World Bank’s EBA ICT Index, Ghana ranks among the top five best performing African countries. The EBA ICT index score of 5.5ii out of 9 indicates a strong enabling digital environment with regards to laws, regulations, and policies.1 Secondly, according to GSMA’s Mobile Connectivity Index (MCI)iii, Ghana’s mobile internet adoption rate and usage increased by 15 percent within the last four years, with an MCI score of 52.7 in 2017. The country is performing particularly well in 3G network coverage and in providing the first 4G services, affordable handset prices, gender equality in terms of the labor market, and a higher ratio of bank accounts held by women, as well as content availability in terms of mobile services in local languages.

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