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Consumption Expenditure Pattern in Nigeria 2019

The consumption pattern of a household is the combination of qualities, quantities, acts and tendencies characterizing a community or a human group's use of resources for survival, comfort and enjoyment. Of course the type of food and non-food items consumed, vary from region to region. Consumption patterns normally contribute greatly to the social and economic policy of the country. For a developing country like Nigeria, the consumption pattern is skewed towards food i.e. food is higher than the non-food items. In most developed countries, it is the opposite, where the consumption pattern is skewed towards non-food items. The more developed a society becomes, the less it spends on food and the more it spends on nonfood items. Lagos is a clear indication of a state with an emerging economy. Lagos state's expenditure on Note that the rural urban split in this report is based on the latest official published split by the National Population Commission which is 1991 and accordingly is subject to revision following updates from the Population Commission.