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food business (5 Results)
Food Business
Rising Atmospheric CO₂ May Benefit Maize Crops
All CountriesBrad Ripley, Susanne Vetter

Global maize production is worth billions of dollars annually and is key to global food security because it’s a staple food for billions of people. Most maize production relies on natural rainfall, making it vulnerable to changing rainfall patterns

Food Business
Sahel Quarterly: The Cassava Value Chain
All CountriesSahel Consulting

This quarterly provides insights into practical solutions and business opportunities that key actors in the cassava value chain can explore to generate income, achieve job creation, and contribute to food security in Africa. We expect that this quart...

Food Business
A Chef's Story About Reviving Indigenous Food in the Southern Tip of Africa
All CountriesAlliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa

A Chef's Story About Reviving Indigenous Food in the Southern Tip of Africa

Food Business
Transforming Ethiopia's Dairy Sector
EthiopiaSara Gustafson

Over the last decade, urban consumers in Ethiopia have significantly increased the amount of money they spend on dairy products, and the number of domestic dairy processing firms has tripled to meet the growing demand. All of these signs point to sig...

Food Business
Characterization of the Beekeeping Value Chain: Challenges, Perceptions, Limitations, and Opportunities for Beekeepers in Kayonza District, Rwanda
RwandaBorden Mushonga, Landouard Hategekimana, Gervais H...

A survey was undertaken to characterize the honey production value chain and identify the challenges, limitations, and opportunities for beekeepers in Kayonza District, Eastern Rwanda, in light of the stagnation of the apiculture industry.

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