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South Africa Unable to Stifle Latest Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease
South AfricaKyle Bonsu

South Africa was in the process of recovering from the January 2019 Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak when a new incident occurred on November 1 in the Molemole District of Limpopo. Although South Africa was able to put systems in place to ensure tha...

Effects of Soil Management on Aggregation and Organic Matter Dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa
Fredrick Ouma Ayuke et al

Maintenance of soil organic matter (SOM) is important for soil quality and agricultural productivity. However, little is known about the effects of management practices of different intensities on soil aggregation and SOM dynamics in tropical arab...

Consumption Habits in Morocco and Their Influencing Factors
MoroccoBelloute Rachida, Mohammed Diouri

The main objective of this study is to describe eating habits in relation with some influencing factors and to determine the current trends of consumer behavior. It is based on a structured questionnaire with a sample of 100 respondents. The results...

Youth in Agribusiness within an African Agricultural Transformation Agenda
All CountriesNteranya Sanginga

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) & The International Labour Organizattion (ILO) prepared a background paper for the Feeding Africa conference of October 2015...

Soft Skills for Hard Constraints: Evidence from High-achieving Female Farmers
All CountriesMontalvao, Joao; Frese, Michael Dr.; Goldstein, Ma...

Most women farmers in developing countries engage in subsistence agriculture. Previous research highlights a variety of barriers hindering women’s ability to participate in the production and marketing of cash crops, which though riskier can...

Public Investment Choices by Local and Central Governments

This paper examines the impacts of devolving authority for public resource allocation to local governments in a setting of limited electoral control. Such a setting differs from that assumed by seminal formal models of devolution, but describes ma...

Protecting your Employees and Operation during COVID-19
All CountriesPartners in Food Solutions
Preventing Global Food Security Crisis under COVID-19 Emergency

The COVID-19 outbreak is showing a new trend. While the situation in China has improved dramatically, several countries, especially the Republic of Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran, have been reporting more new cases. In fact, these countries have rep...

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