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policy and advocacy (75 Results)
Policy and Advocacy
Framework For Action On Biodiversity For Food And Agriculture
All CountriesFAO

Biodiversity for food and agriculture comprises all the components of biodiversity that contribute to crop and livestock production, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture – both wild and domesticated, and at genetic, species and ecosystem levels. It is...

Policy and Advocacy
2022 Financing Flows And Food Crises Report
All CountriesGNAFC

The Executive Summary presents the key findings of the Global Network's 2022 Financing Flows and Food Crises analysis along with emerging questions for policy discussions. The Global Network's 2022 Financing Flows and Food Crises Report is a global p...

Policy and Advocacy
Sustainable And Resilient Agricultural Value Chains: Addressing Multiple Vulnerabilities With A New Partnership Approach
All CountriesB. Rudloff, C. Brandi, F. Botti, I. Espa, M. Bründ...

The ongoing compound and acute crises of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine meet longer-term but no-less pressing crises of social and environmental sustainability in and around agriculture, food and nutrition security. Many international mechanisms are...

Policy and Advocacy
Nigeria Transforming Agribusiness For Inclusive Recovery, Jobs Creation, And Poverty Reduction : Policy Reforms And Investment Priorities
NigeriaMghenyi, Elliot W., Dankers, Cora., Thurlow, James...

This report aims to improve understanding of the potential of the agribusiness sector (primary agriculture plus off-farm agribusiness) to accelerate inclusive recovery from the 2020 recession, create jobs, and reduce poverty. A key early finding of t...

Policy and Advocacy
COP27 Side-EvenCOP27 Side-Event: Climate-Resilient Food Systems And Peace: Exploring The Interconnections
All CountriesHDP Nexus Coalition

This document presents six key recommendations resulting from the COP27 Side Event on 11 November 2022, "Climate-resilient Food Systems and Peace: Exploring the Interconnections." Panelists discussed the interconnection between climate change, food i...

Policy and Advocacy
Nutrition-Relevant Policy In West Africa: A Comprehensive Review
All CountriesVerstraeten, Roosmarijn., Becquey, Elodie., Touré,...

Malnutrition continues to be a major health burden in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and is one of the predominant risk factors for ill health and death, with women and children being most vulnerable. Most countries in the region show varia...

Policy and Advocacy
The Risk Of Demand Shocks In Dairy Value Chains In Uganda: Policy Lessons From The COVID-19 Crisis
UgandaNabwire, Leocardia., Van Campenhout, Bjorn

This policy note summarizes results of a study on the impact of COVID-19 on dairy value chains in Uganda. We use a stack survey consisting of 1616 dairy farmers, 695 small-scale milk traders, and 93 milk collection centers (MCCs) that were surveyed i...

Policy and Advocacy
Repurposing Agriculture’s Public Budget To Accelerate Transformation In Ethiopia

This brief summarizes the findings of the FAO Agricultural Development Economics Working Paper 22-04 "Repurposing agriculture's public budget to align healthy diets affordability and agricultural transformation objectives in Ethiopia", belongs to a s...

Policy and Advocacy
The (continued) Potential Of Motorized Mechanization
All CountriesFAO

Motorized mechanization is an important form of agricultural automation and has the capacity to transform agriculture and rural livelihoods. Its benefits have resulted in a substantial increase in mechanization worldwide, although adoption has been u...

Policy and Advocacy
Transforming Agriculture With Digital Automation
All CountriesFAO

The adoption of digital automation technologies in agriculture has been slow despite its potential to enhance the precision of agricultural operations, improve working conditions, and address environmental challenges, while building resilience to sho...

Policy and Advocacy
Enabling Inclusive Agricultural Automation
All CountriesFAO

Agricultural automation reshapes the labour market. In situations of rising wages and labour scarcity, agricultural automation can stimulate employment by allowing producers to expand production and by creating jobs along agrifood systems. Conversely...

Policy and Advocacy
Repurposing Agricultural Policies And Support
All CountriesGautam, Madhur; Laborde, David; Mamun, Abdullah; M...

The report finds that repurposing a portion of government spending on agriculture each year to develop and disseminate more emission-efficient technologies for crops and livestock could reduce overall emissions from agriculture by more than 40 percen...

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