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research and development (302 Results)
Research and Development
Role of farmers organizations to agricultural development in Mezam Division, Cameroon
CameroonMathias Fru Fonteh, Kenette Fru Mbangari, Guillaum...

This study was carried out from January 2018 to March 2019 in Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon on the role of farmers’ organizations to agricultural development, particularly the case of the Program for the Improvement of Competive...

Research and Development
Central African Republic Situation Report July 2019
Central African Republic (CAR)FAO

Key Points: The latest IPC analysis (June 2019) indicates that the number of people projected to be severely food insecure in June–August 2019 has decreased compared with the previous analysis (October 2018) ‒ from 1.9 to 1.81 million ‒ as well as wi...

Research and Development
Agricultural Production and Trade Structure Profile in Democratic Republic of Congo
Congo (DRC)P.E Lubanda, R. Selby, Lubos Smutka

The African region represents the weak point of the world economy. Many African countries have still not finished the process of transforming their economy. Agriculture represents only a minor portion of their economies’ performance – however it is s...

Research and Development
Agricultural Climate Change Impacts on Moroccan Agriculture and the Whole Economy Including an Analysis of the Impacts of the “Plan Maroc Vert (PMV)” in Morocco
MoroccoIsmail Ouraich and Wallace E. Tyner

Climate change is one of the major risks facing developing countries in Africa for which agriculture is a predominant part in the economy. Alterations in rainfall patterns and increasing temperatures will most likely translate into yield reductions i...

Research and Development
Supermarket Contracts and Smallholder Farmers: Implications for Income and Multidimensional poverty
KenyaO. Ogutu, Sylvester ; O. Ochieng, Dennis ; Qaim, M...

The food retail sector in many developing countries is transforming with a rapid growth of modern supermarkets. Supermarkets are not only influencing how food is sold to consumers, but also how agricultural products are sourced from farmers. Especial...

Research and Development
Prioritization of Food Safety Issues in the Dairy and Horticulture Value Chains, Kenya
KenyaErastus K. Kang’ethe, Samuel Muriuki, Joseph Karug...

Food borne diseases can be caused by biological, chemical and physical hazards. Most food borne illnesses result from consumption of animal source foods and fruits and vegetables. Managing food borne illness requires establishment of food safety cont...

Research and Development
The earth security report 2017 sustainable development goals for business diplomacy and growth
A. Litovsky, M. Hill Clarvis, R. Bilgrami et. al.

The Earth Security Report 2017 provides a roadmap for global business to align their growth to the demands for social inclusion and environmental security that are defining the countries in which they operate, whilst navigating the risks and opportun...

Research and Development
Not by Technology and Money Alone: The Importance of Functional Capacity Strengthening in Agribusiness Partnerships
M. Salm, M-J. Dugue, T. Defoer

This booklet contains fifteen short stories told by field staff of the 2SCALE project about their personal experiences on how their work impacted a particular person or group. It shows how functional capacity strengthen enables technical improvements...

Research and Development
Baobab (Adansonia digitata) Fact Sheets
Central African Republic (CAR)AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center

Baobab – Adansonia digitata Fact Sheet

Research and Development
Federal Government Support for Agriculture in Nigeria: Analysis with a Public Expenditure Lens
NigeriaChinedum Nwoko, Amarachi Grace Ikejiofor, Nchedo T...

This paper provides a broad view of public sector support to agriculture in Nigeria, through the lens of the allocation of public expenditures by the federal government in support of the sector. We consider the adequacy and stability of agricultural...

Research and Development
Analysis of the Confluence between Nigeria’s Development Strategies and its Agricultural Public Expenditures
NigeriaMogues Tewodaj and Tolulope Olofinbiyi

This paper seeks to understand the features of public spending in the agricultural sector within the context of Nigeria’s federal structure and decentralized system. Specifically, the study aims to examine the extent to which the level and compositio...

Research and Development
Public Expenditure on Agriculture and its Impact
GhanaSamuel Benin

This chapter examines past patterns of public spending on agriculture in Ghana, and asks whether Ghana has invested enough resources in agriculture and how the patterns of investment in the sector have impacted agricultural productivity growth.

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