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research and development (302 Results)
Research and Development
Effect of Changes in Population Density and Crop Productivity on Farm Households in Malawi
MalawiAdam M. Komarek and Siwa Msangi

This study examines the ex‐ante farm‐household effects of changes in family size, yield potential, and yield gaps using a farm‐household simulation model that reflects the economic and biophysical conditions of central Malawi. Disparities between gro...

Research and Development
Stories of Change: Rwanda: Understanding the Drivers of Stunting Reduction Among Rwandan children from 2005 to 2015
RwandaGayathri V. Ramani, Jessica M. Heckert, Ara Go, El...

Despite significant progress, childhood stunting is still a serious public health concern in Rwanda. To make further progress in reducing child stunting it is essential to understand the context-specific drivers of stunting to devise strategies to ad...

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