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Research and Development
Nigeria Food Security Report 2021
NigeriaOlaoluwa Oloyede & Joy Solomon

Babban Gona is pleased to present the 2021 edition of the Nigeria Food Security White Paper. This is the first white paper presentation from Babban Gona delving into Food Security in Nigeria. The study examines unemployment in Nigeria as one of the r...

Research and Development
Food Security Monitor - Africa Food, Trade, and Resilience Initiative
All CountriesAGRA

The AGRA Food Security Monitor reviews and discusses changes in selected variables and their implications on food trade and food and nutrition security. The discussions presented here focus on selected countries of interest to the AGRA Regional Food...

Research and Development
Nigerian Agribusiness Leaders Survey

As the first edition, the annual Agribusiness Leaders Survey is an opportunity for Agramondis to understand and shed light on the status quo, the trends, and the development of Nigerian agribusinesses. The rationale behind the survey is straightforwa...

Research and Development
Regional Dialogue - African Food Systems Background Paper - EN
Republic of the CongoAU

With a view to accelerating the implementation of the Decade of Action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, the Secretary-General of the United Nations will convene a Summit on food systems within the context of the HLGA in Se...

Research and Development
Rapid Assessments of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Availability of Quality Seed to Farmers
NigeriaSahel Consulting

Over the first half of 2020, COVID-19 has expanded across the globe, officially declared a pandemic on March 11th. We are deeply concerned about the impact of the pandemic on people’s lives and livelihoods, and on its disruption to the economy and so...

Research and Development
Agricultural Sector Alerts: Methodology For Rapid Assessments
All CountriesWageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Rapid Assessments are conducted at the country level through survey and focus group discussions (FGDs). In its approach the Rapid Assessments are inspired by the sector model developed by AidEnvironment1, as adapted by the Wageningen Centre for Devel...

Research and Development
Online Magazine : CLUED IN #14 -Starting Fresh
All CountriesiBAN

What mindset and leadership skills will help you thrive in 2021? Learn more about mindsets and mental health by reading this fourteenth edition of the online magazine on Inclusive Business! The illustration was developed by Christopher Malapitan,...

Research and Development
Women SMEs and COVID-19: AGRA Survey Report
All CountriesAGRA

As countries in Africa continue to take measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19, women in agriculture are disproportionately affected by the measures than men. The pandemic is exacerbating existing structural economic, social, and technologica...

Research and Development
Implementation of Stewardship in African Agricultural Public Research and Development Institutions
All CountriesWalter S. Alhassan, Vivienne Anthony, Patrick Rude...

The commercial use of biotech crops developed using genetic modification (GM) technologies is very limited in sub-Saharan African agriculture. Efforts are on-going to address this. The need to implement best practices in stewardship to support the r...

Research and Development
Sustainable and Equitable Increases in Fruit and Vegetable Productivity and Consumption are Needed to Achieve Global Nutrition Security
All CountriesAlison Edwards (Stewardship Index for Specialty Cr...

Increased intake of fruits and vegetables (F&V) is recommended for most populations across the globe. However, the current state of global and regional food systems is such that F&V availability, the production required to sustain them, and consumer...

Research and Development
Soil Health Constraints Contributing to Maize (Zea Mays L.) Yield Gap in Upper Tana Watershed of Murang’a County, Kenya
KenyaErmias Aynekulua, *, Robin Chachaa , Ruth Sitienei...

Small-scale farming in sub Saharan Africa is central to food security. However, subsistence farming is not yet meeting its role in reducing the current yield gaps and ensuring food security. Current agronomic recommendations are too broad to be use...

Research and Development
Smallholder Mechanization Induced by Yield-Enhancing Biological Technologies: Evidence From Nepal and Ghana
All CountriesHiroyuki Takehima, Yanyan Liu

Recent agricultural transformation in Asia and Africa has witnessed the gradual spread of mechanization in agricultural areas that are still largely made up of smallholder farming. While the literature has often characterized mechanical technologies...

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