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Food poisoning in Morocco: Evolution and Risk factors

In order to contribute in reducing the morbidity and the mortality resulting from food poisoning in Morocco and improving the treatment of patients, this study is an analysis of the current situation of this pathology over a period of five years. This analysis consists of describing the different characteristics linked to food poisoning cases recorded in the Anti Poison and Pharmacovigilance Center of Morocco (CAPM) between 2007 and 2011 in Morocco, as well as identifying the risk factors that are related to these cases. During the study period, 6 960 poisoning cases have been collected, included 24 deaths. The average age of patients was 24 years. The two sexes were affected in the same way. The males were more exposed to fatal poisonings. Meat and meat products were the most incriminated. However, the fatal poisoning was mainly linked to dairy products. The urban areas were the most affected, while the rural areas were more exposed to fatal poisonings (RR=5, p<0,001). The majority of reported cases had showed clinical signs from which the most frequent ones were disorders in the gastrointestinal system (89%).