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Gender in Nigeria's Aquaculture and Small-Scale Fisheries Value Chains

In aquaculture: Women and men are involved in all nodes of the aquaculture value chain (Veliu etal., 2009), but the value chain activities are highly gendered. Women are more involved in post-harvest activities, while men tend to dominate in sh farming activities (Adeoye et al., 2020; Turner et al., 2000; Okwuokenye, 2020; Muhammad et al; 2016; Jaji, 2014). Men dominate roles such as fingerlings providers, other input providers (e.g., sh feeds), sh producers, wholesalers, and exporters, which tend to be higher profit roles. Women are primarily engaged at present asfishmongers, processors, and retailers (WorldFish & BoP Innovation Center, 2018), which are generally lower-profit activities (Subasinghe et al., 2021).