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Global Food Security Strategy East Africa Regional Plan 2019-2024

Food insecurity remains a persistent problem in East Africa (EA), despite the fact that the region produces enough food to feed itself. This points to one of the biggest challenges facing East Africa: the inability to move food from surplus to food deficit areas, often due to cross border trade barriers. To address this challenge, USAID Kenya/East Africa (USAID/KEA) has supported a variety of food security and trade efforts over the past two decades. Since 2011, USAID/KEA supported these efforts through Feed the Future East Africa (Feed the Future-EA), the mission’s primary means to implement the United States Government Global Food Security Strategy (GFSS). The purpose of the East Africa Regional Plan 2019-2024 (EA Regional Plan) is to articulate how the next phase of Feed the Future-EA will continue to contribute to GFSS objectives and the region’s Journey to SelfReliance (J2SR).

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