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Institutionalizing National Food Balance Sheet (Case of Zambia)

Food Trade and Food Security Zambia has been dealing with the nexus between food security and food trade since the 1991 food riots that threatened to put an end to Kaunda’s presidency. Since then, the country has been allocating about US$1 million to conducting a Crop Forecast Survey (CFS) every year. Data from the survey produce data on food availability and food requirements. The data from CFS is used by grain traders and millers to negotiate supply contracts for exports and imports. National Food Balance Sheet The National Food Balance Sheet consists of 5 elements, including (1) availability, (2) Requirements, (3) Surplus/deficit, (4) potential commercial export, and (5) Food aid import requirements. The development of the Zambian National Balance Sheet has been running since 1988 by a team trained by FAO and MSU.

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