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Law No. 13/2005 Approving the Animal Health Basic Legislation.

This Law approves the Animal Health Basic Legislation. This Legislation, consisting of 7 Titles, divided into 164 articles, regulates the sanitary and veterinary norms to perform animal production and carry out epidemiological controls on animal diseases in the territory of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome e Principe. The Legislation aims at the protection of animal health and livestock internal and external market, animal production (of economic exploitable animals, including animal feedstuff); animal reproduction; animal improvement production; animal transport and circulation; internal and external trade of animals and products of animal origins; epidemiological control of animal health and fighting against foot and mouth disease (diseases transmissible to humans); private and public veterinary activity and pharmacy; veterinary; hygiene and sanitary controls and quality products of animal origins, when destined to human consumption; animal protection against animal cruelty; preservation of animal natural habitat, etc.