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Packaging and Storage
Impact Of Adopting Maize Hermetic Storage Technologies On Smallholder Farmers’ Income In Gatsibo District, Rwanda

Managerial and technical limitations such as a lack of proper storage facilities, poor handling practices and, associated knowledge are among the main causes of food losses particularly in Africa. Maize is among the most important staple food and cas...

Marketing and Trade
IFPRI Malawi Monthly Maize Market Report

The reports are intended as a resource for those interested in maize markets in Malawi, namely producers, traders, consumers, policy makers, and other agricultural stakeholders.

Food Safety
The Role Of Strategic Grain Reserves In Enhancing Food Security In Zambia And Zimbabwe
ZambiaWorld Bank

Zambia and Zimbabwe have experienced food security emergencies of varying severity, mainly caused by drought and floods in some areas. Like several countries in Africa and elsewhere, the two countries have developed and used Strategic Grain Reserves...

Research and Development
Effect Of Processed Sweet Lupin (Lupinus Angustifolius) Grain Supplementation On Growth Performance And Socioeconomic Feasibility Of Doyogena Sheep In Ethiopia
EthiopiaHabite Tilaye, Bimrew Asmare, Fentahun Meheret, Me...

The experiment evaluated the effect of supplementing sheep fed natural pasture hay with processed sweet lupin grain on growth performance and its economic feasibility. The finding revealed that use of steamed lupin shown to improve the nutritive valu...

Research and Development
Seed Yield And Quality Of Three Foundation Seed Models Under The Formal Seed System
MaliS. Dagnoko., F. Camara., N. Sangare., A. Aoga., G....

In Mali, smallholder farmers are generally not involved in foundation seed production which is dominated by the conventional public sector based models. These dominant models have so far failed to avail sufficient quantities of foundation seed especi...

Climate Change
Crop Monitor For Early Warning
All CountriesCrop monitor

In East Africa, harvest finalized for secondary Belg crops in Ethiopia under poor conditions, and conditions are mixed for Meher season cereals due to rainfall deficits, flooding, and ongoing insecurity. In the south of the subregion, dry conditions...

Climate Change
Crop Prospects and Food Situation
All CountriesFAO

FAO assesses that globally 44 countries, including 33 in Africa are in need of external assistance for food. Conditions are projected to worsen significantly in West Africa, due to conflicts, high food prices and reduced harvests, while the situation...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Incorporating Male Sterility Increases Hybrid Maize Yield In Low Input African Farming Systems
All CountriesSarah Collinson, Esnath Hamdziripi, Hugo De Groote...

Maize is a staple crop in sub-Saharan Africa, but yields remain sub-optimal. Improved breeding and seed systems are vital to increase productivity. We describe a hybrid seed production technology that will benefit seed companies and farmers. This tec...

Food Business
Rising Atmospheric CO₂ May Benefit Maize Crops
All CountriesBrad Ripley, Susanne Vetter

Global maize production is worth billions of dollars annually and is key to global food security because it’s a staple food for billions of people. Most maize production relies on natural rainfall, making it vulnerable to changing rainfall patterns

Agri-Food News and Media
SAFIN Annual Progress Report 2021
All CountriesSAFIN

The SAFIN Annual Progress Report 2021 highlights the main results of collaborative work among SAFIN members last year. These included a wide variety of events, knowledge products and collaborations facilitated through the Network, as well as the laun...

Agri-Food News and Media
Harnessing Opportunities For Informed Investments In The Sorghum Community Value Chain In Tanzania
All Countries, TanzaniaCGIAR

This study was conducted among sorghum farmers, focus groups, seed producers and extension officers in 10 districts of Tanzania to map out business opportunities along the sorghum value chain. Results obtained demonstrated that socio-economic factors...

Agri-Food News and Media
Assessment Of Grain Legumes And Dryland Cereals Seed Value Chains In Uganda

This paper analyses the current state of Uganda’s seed value chain for grain legumes and dryland cereals (GLDC), the challenges as well as the opportunities in it. It also identifies critical areas that can drive sustainability in seed value chains.

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