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Agri-Food News and Media
FAO Country Brief On Zambia Maize Production In 2020

Harvesting of the 2020 maize crop, the major cereal grown in the country, concluded in June, and production is estimated at a bumper 3.4 million tonnes, the second-largest output on record and 65 percent above the reduced level in 2019. The sharp...

Agri-Food News and Media
USDA Tanzania 2020 Grain and Feed Report

In Marketing Year (MY) 2020/21, corn production fell due to post-harvest loss, ineffective extension services, unreliable markets, pests, and diseases. FAS/Dar es Salaam forecasts MY 2020/2021 corn harvest area down by five percent due to floods, pes...

Research and Development
Efforts to Develop High-Yielding, Striga-Tolerant Maize Seed is Bearing Fruit
All CountriesJoshua Masinde

Striga — an invasive parasitic weed with purple-colored flowers — looks striking and harmless. But beyond that mark of beauty is a nutrient-sucking monster that stunts crops such as maize and sorghum, leaving affected farmers counting losses. Witc...

Research and Development
Maize Value Chain Potential in Ethiopia
EthiopiaSolomon Lemma, Kindie Getnet, Shahidur Rashid

This report reaffirms that maize continues to be a significant contributor to the economic and social development of Ethiopia. As the crop with the largest smallholder coverage at 8 million holders (compared to 5.8 million for teff and 4.2 million...

Food Safety
Food for Thought: Contaminants in Groundnuts (Peanuts)
SenegalFeed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Safety

The groundnut, or peanut, has been a culturally significant crop for hundreds of years. Raw or roasted, shelled or unshelled, peanuts are used for consumption among the world’s population. Groundnuts are widely grown throughout the tropics a...

Research and Development
South Africa Grain and Feed Update
South AfricaDirk Esterhuizen

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, Post estimates a 14 percent drop in commercial corn area planted for the 2018/19 MY in South Africa. As a result, commercial corn production is expected to drop by 23 percent to around 10.0 million tons. While...

Marketing and Trade
Base of the Pyramid Marketing and Distribution
On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Rice Value Chain Analysis in Mali
MaliMichel, B., Boureima, F., Goita, M. and Agrinatura...

Findings from the Study indicate that the rice value chain in Mali contributes significantly to the economic growth and is fairly inclusive. However, it does face several constraints that limit its sustainability in the economic, social and enviro...

Research and Development
Diallel Analysis of Early Leaf Spot (Cercospora arachidicola Hori) Disease Resistance in Groundnut
Burkina FasoZongo, A., Konate, A.K., Koïta, K., Sawadogo,M., S...

Early leaf spot (ELS) is one of the major biotic constraints of groundnut production in West and Central Africa. A study using 6 6 F2 full diallel populations from six parents (NAMA, B188, PC79-79, QH243C, TS32-1, and CN94C) was conducted to assess t...

Climate Change
Predictors of Drought in Inland Valley Landscapes and Enabling Factors for Rice Farmers’ Mitigation Measures in the Sudan-Sahel Zone
Dossou-Yovo, E.R., Zwart, S.J., Kouyaté, A., Ouédr...

Drought is a noteworthy cause of low agricultural profitability and of crop production vulnerability, yet in numerous countries of Africa little to no consideration has been paid to readiness for drought calamity, particularly to spatial evaluation a...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Adoption of New Sorghum Varieties in Mali Through a Participatory Approach
MaliSissoko, M., Smale, M., Castiaux, A., and Theriaul...

Although it is commonly accepted that farmers’ participation in the process of technology development can improve adoption rates, few studies have tested this relationship. We tested the role of farmers’ participation in the decision to adopt new sor...

Adequacy of Some Locally Produced Complementary Foods Marketed in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Senegal
BeninDimaria, S.A., Schwartz, H., Icard-Vernière, C., P...

Adequate complementary foods are needed to help reduce the high prevalence of stunting in children in many Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). We assessed the availability, affordability, and nutrient adequacy of imported and locally produced pr...

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