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Women’s Economic Participation in B’ayoba

This case study examines the level of women’s participation in B’Ayoba in Zimbabwe, a grantee of Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF). It finds that women have been the primary beneficiaries of the project.

Research and Development
Food Self-sufficiency Under the Green-Morocco Plan
MoroccoAbdelmajid Saidi, Mohammed Diouri

This paper seeks to know whether the Green-Morocco Plan (GMP), the new Moroccan agricultural strategy launched in 2008, improves food self-sufficiency. In view of the importance of cereals in Moroccans’ diet, the volatility of foods price in...

Research and Development
Horizontal Logistics Collaboration : Cases from Agri-food Supply Chains in Morocco
MoroccoIsmail Badraoui

Horizontal logistics collaboration (HLC) practices have gained much attention in recent years as innovative ways for companies to improve their performance. However, literature does not reveal which factors influence the success or failure of HLC,...

Research and Development
The Agroforestry Parks of Azilal (Morocco): A Centuries-old and Still Living Landscape Construction
MoroccoA. Nuscia TAÏBI, Mustapha EL Hannani, Yahia El Kha...

The Moroccan Central High Atlas in the Beni Mellal – Khenifra region (Azilal Province) is characterized by highly anthropized landscapes as in all the medium mountain regions of Morocco. These are tree parks built by the rural Amazigh popula...

Research and Development
Sustainable Food Security in Morocco: Challenges & Opportunities
MoroccoLarbi Toumi

Food security is a major issue and constant challenge in the developingworld. Morocco has reached the target of the first MDG and, since 1990-1992, hasmaintained the prevalence of undernourishment level of 5%, but it remainsvulnerable to climate c...

Research and Development
How Can Quinoa Value Chain Improve Food and Income Security in Marginal Environments? : Success Story from Morocco
MoroccoAbdelaziz Hirich, Redouane Choukr-Allah, Rafik Sif...

Agriculture is facing many challenges as climate change, drought, salinity…etc. which calls for urgent interventions to fast adaptation and diversification. In this context, introduction of crops with a high value and a high tolerance to st...

Research and Development
Who Works in Agriculture?
MalawiKashi Kafle, Neha Paliwal and Rui Benfica.

This analysis examines the dynamics of youth employment in agriculture and the agri-food system in Tanzania and Malawi. The study finds that when extending the definition of a farmer beyond household heads, the average age of ‘farmers’...

Research and Development
Moving Towards Self-sufficiency in Oil seed Value chains
South AfricaDirk Esterhuizen

South Africa produced a historical-high summer oilseed crop of 2.5 million tons in the 2017/18 MY with a further increase in oilseed production projected for the 2018/19 MY to 2.6 million tons. South Africa demonstrated a positive trend in oilseed...

Research and Development
The Declining Trend of Sorghum Production in South Africa
South AfricaDirk Esterhuizen

Post estimates that the decreasing trend in sorghum production in South Africa will continue in the 2018/19 MY. South Africa moved from being a net exporter of sorghum to a net importer of sorghum in the past 10 years as producers preferred to pla...

Research and Development
The Politics of Food in Modern Morocco (Review)
MoroccoMoshe Gershovich

Since adequate nourishment is a prerequisite for human existence and social tranquility, control over the process by which food is produced, distributed, and consumed is both required of any responsible authority and a source of power in its hands...

Research and Development
Contested Knowledge: Changing Practices in Origin-food Communities
MoroccoMariagiulia Mariani, Claire Cerdan, Iuri Peri

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate how communities engaged in the valorisation of origin food through Geographical Indications (GIs) and Slow Food Presidia can be resilient to changing conditions and able to innovate their practic...

Research and Development
The State of the World’s Forests 2018: Forest Pathways to Sustainable Development
All CountriesFAO

Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a commitment made by countries to tackle the complex challenges we face, from ending poverty and hunger and responding to climate chan...

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