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Research and Development
Measurement Errors in Agricultural Data and their Implications on Marginal Returns to Modern Agricultural Inputs
Kibrom A. Abay

The low uptake of modern agricultural technologies in sub‐Saharan African countries has encouraged researchers to revisit the returns to (or profitability of) these agricultural inputs. A related strand of literature is exploring the allocative ef...

Research and Development
The Promise and Challenges of Gender Data

Good data form the backbone of effective policy. While much progress has been made since 1975, the epigraph at the beginning of this chapter still, unfortunately, describes accurately the state of gender data in Africa south of the Sahara (SSA). W...

Training and Capacity Building
Role of Men in a Women’s Empowerment Initiative: Evidence from Uganda
UgandaKate Ambler, Kelly Jones, Michael O’Sullivan

Women’s empowerment is a significant element of economic development (Duflo 2012). Because most women in the developing world reside in male-headed households, considering the role of men in advancing women’s empowerment is an importan...

Traditional Malian Solid Foods Made from Sorghum and Millet Have Markedly Slower Gastric Emptying than Rice, Potato, or Pasta
MaliCisse, F., Erickson, D.P., Hayes, A.M.R., Opekun,...

From anecdotal evidence that traditional African sorghum and millet foods are filling and provide sustained energy, we hypothesized that gastric emptying rates of sorghum and millet foods are slow, particularly compared to non-traditional starchy foo...

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