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Extension Services
Management Of Ginger Bacterial Wilt And Leaf Spot Diseases; A Manual For Agriculture Extension Workers And Practitioners.
EthiopiaAsfaw Kifle (PhD), Merga Jibat, Genene Gezahagn An...

This manual is developed to enhance production and productivity of ginger through capacity building of agriculture agents, extension workers and private investors on management of bacterial wilt and leaf spot diseases. A team of experts from differen...

Tomato Production and Marketing Value Chain Analysis

The purpose of the review is to provide perspective to tomato production and marketing system in Nigeria and focus on significant constraints in the system that would be most responsive to appropriate interventions. Attention is given to sale of prod...

Off-Grid Power Market Survey For The Retail Sector Of Nigeria

The aim of this assignment was to undertake a market survey to assess the commercial viability of off-grid power demand from the retail sector of Nigeria. This requires an understanding of the power needs of retailers and quantifying the financial op...

Market Enumeration Of Wholesalers And Retailers In Key Hub Markets

This study was commissioned by the Growth and Employment in States (GEMS) Programs, funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and supported by the World Bank; to enumerate the wholesalers and retailers that sell within selected hu...

Policy and Advocacy
Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project: Situation Analysis - Impacts of COVID-19 on Agricultural Supply Systems
NigeriaKwaw Andam, Hyacinth Edeh, Victor Oboh, Karl Pauw...

This report gives a detailed analysis of the effects of the COVID 19 policies of the government on the Agricultural Supply Chains

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