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Value Chain

Agribusiness SMEs
O-Farms Landscape Report Ethiopia - Scoping the Potential of Circular Agribusiness in Ethiopia
EthiopiaHiwot Shimeles, Bopinc Bezawit Eshetu, Africa Circ...

There is a vast, untapped potential in Ethiopia’s agricultural sector, as well as considerable challenges around environmental sustainability and the need to create more jobs. The main question posed by O-Farms is: how can Ethiopia sustainably feed a...

Sustainable Solutions for Disability-Inclusive Nutrition Programs
All CountriesCat Kirk et. al.

Malnutrition and disability disproportionally affect children living in low- and middle-income countries. They are also intertwined, with malnutrition driving disability and disability making children more at risk for being malnourished. Children wit...

Agribusiness SMEs
Fruit and vegetables Opportunities and Challenges for Small-scale Sustainable Farming
All CountriesFAO, CIRAD

This book will convince the reader to care about fruit and vegetables and to see that the small-scale production of these crops is fundamental to achieving sustainable development goals. In five chapters, the reader will learn about the challenges an...

Agribusiness SMEs
Africa's Contributions to Global Food are Rich — and Little Understood

The highly anticipated UN World Food Summit ended with an announcement of new coalitions to increase healthy diets from sustainable food systems. The headlines for Africa coming out of the summit are all too familiar — the continent faces mass starva...

Agribusiness SMEs
Nigeria: Agribusiness CEO shares fundraising lessons after securing $3m
All CountriesJames Torvaney

Nigerian dried fruit snacks producer ReelFruit recently raised $3 million in series A funding from investors Alitheia IDF, Samata Capital and Flying Doctor Healthcare Investment Company. The capital will go towards building new processing facilities...

Agribusiness SMEs
Fostering Entrepreneurship and Job Creation for African Youth
All CountriesNdidi Nwuneli

On March 9th, 2021, the African business landscape was buzzing with excitement and optimism in reaction to the news that Flutterwave, a payments company, had closed its Series C fundraising round at $170 million[1], valuing the company at over $1 b...

Agribusiness SMEs
Processed Food Exports in Nigeria: Emerging Patterns, Determinants and Policy Implications
NigeriaNzewi Chioma

This research paper analyses the emerging patterns, determinants and examines the policy implication of processed food export in Nigeria from 1995 to 2014 as potential for reducing large post-harvest losses, increase in processed food export, employm...

Agribusiness SMEs
2021 FOOD SYSTEMS SUMMIT - Digital Marketplace Playbook
All CountriesUN Food System Summit

Our Digital Marketplace Playbook presents a framework for leveraging digital and data innovation with supporting cases from emerging markets...

AfDB Research Study - Development Perspectives on Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones (SAPZ) in Africa: Lessons from experiences
All CountriesAFDB Research Study

The broad objective of this study is to undertake research on development perspectives of an integrated agro-industrial ecosystem in Africa that the African Development Bank (AfDB) has developed and termed Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones (SA...

Policy and Advocacy
Illicit trading in Africa’s forest products: Focus on timber - Technical Report
All CountriesJulius Chupezi Tieguhong

It is estimated that between 50%-90% of Africa’s trade in tropical timber and products is illegal1 which has a significant negative impact on any national economy. It is well-documented that economic activities operating outside the law impact the ec...

Agrodealer and Inputs
Africa Agricultural Trade Monitor 2021
All CountriesAntoine Bouet

2021 has brought enormous challenges as well as opportunities for Africa’s agricultural trade. The COVID-19 pandemic continued to affect human health and welfare as well as economic activity in Africa and around the globe. 2021 also marked the launch...

Agribusiness SMEs
Agri-Hire in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan AfricaKarim Houmy Mayling, Flores Rojas and Claude Side

There has been a surge in the attention to sustainable agricultural mechanization for Africa. The importance of supporting agricultural mechanization in the value chain in order to achieve agricultural and rural development is well recognized. Theref...

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