Pierre Thiam

Yolele creates global markets for traditional African ingredients like fonio, and builds processing capacity to meet that demand. Company: Yolele Foods Country: Senegal Value Chain: Capacity Building Website:   Click Here

Chirene Jelbert

C Fruit (Pty) Ltd. is a trading business that grows, sources, stages and distributes fresh, frozen and dried berries from South Africa. Company: C Fruit Country: South Africa Value Chain: Marketing Website:   Click Here

Adan Mohammed

We provide alternative protein solutions to the African animal feed sector using insects. With 8 locations in Africa, we are addressing protein deficit in the continent. Company: Ecodudu Ltd Country: Kenya Value Chain: Input Provider Website:   Click Here

Carl, Kellan and Sunday

Good Nature Agro is a for-profit social enterprise that works and sources high-value legume seeds from small-scale farmers. We move farmers from poverty into the middle-class. Based in Zambia and Malawi, we are working with more 4,000 farmers. Company: Good Nature Agro Country: Zambia Value Chain: Extension Services Website:   Click Here

Mawusi & Michael Adjetey

Selilorm extra tasty virgin coconut oil is a locally produced handmade coconut oil produced in Ghana by Selilorm Micky Limited. We currently produce coconut oil at affordable prices for the African market. Company: Selilorm Micky Limited Country: Ghana Value Chain: Processing Website:   Click Here

Nhlanhla Dlamini

Maneli Pets is a specialist manufacturer of premium pet treats for the global pet market. The company focusses on uniquely African proteins such as free-range ostrich, venison, crocodile, warthog, fish, etc. These proteins are sustainably sourced from local farmers and sold in private label and as branded pet treats for the US, UK, EU and…

Bonface Okute

We are a for profit social enterprise providing smallholder farmers in Western Kenya with inputs (improved seeds, fertilizers, appropriate pesticides) on credit, train them on Good Agricultural Practices and purchase their produce at harvest for resale to high value urban markets. Company: Victoria Agribusiness Ltd Country: Kenya Value Chain: Financial Services Website:   Click Here

Oluwatobiloba Ricketts

The Kitchen Space is a food hub built to accelerate food enterprise growth in Africa. We are creating inexpensive spaces and enabling environment for Food enterprise and food tech innovators to grow and thrive. We offer Food entrepreneurs licensed and affordable shared kitchen, business development support, market access, and a thriving culinary community to grow…

Abubakar Sambo

Rodo (zobo) is a drink mix, with all the ingredients in one place, allowing people to make up to 5 liters of delicious zobo. Rodo contains 100% natural ingredients, handpicked and carefully cleaned and supports women as the ingredients are sourced from local women farmers. Company: Rodo Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Retail Website:   Click…

Duncan Busuru

A social business that serves specialty coffee while partnering with smallholder farmers, youths in production and skill enhancement respectively Company: Connect Coffee Company LTD Country: Kenya Value Chain: Restaurants & Cafeterias Website:   Click Here

Dayo Olunowo

AgriCapital Ventures Limited is committed to connecting global resources to opportunities outside its locality and confinement. We are a trusted partner to farmers while also helping agriprenuers in the entire agricultural value chain with needed solutions and advisory support. Company: AgriCapital Ventures Limited Country: Nigeria Value Chain: On-Farm Production, Financial Services Website:   Click Here

Samira Messane & Feteh Asart

The restaurant is more than just serving customers with the finest foods and drinks. Three ladies, Samira Messner, Founder, Masresha Ayele and Fetih Asrat as the Co-Founders, birthed Temsalet Kitchen to life with the drive to change the norms and empowering women in need of a hand to pull them up on a stepping stone…


TIWA Rice is a local rice produced in Benin and further refined through the parboiling process developed more than 50 years ago. Name of Innovator: Jinukun Website: https://jinukun.com/ Country: Benin Value Chain:

Oumar Bass

Nano Air Tech produces technological devices to help Senegalese farmers. Nano Air Tech was one of the innovative Africa start-ups selected to participate and exhibit at the COP22 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Marrakech 2016. Company: Nano Air Country: Senegal Value Chain: Technology & innovation Website:   Click Here

Prosper Ndayiragije

Africa Improved Foods (AIF) is a public-private partnership involving DSM, Government of Rwanda, IFC, CDC Group and FMO. AIF provides a scalable and sustainable solution to malnutrition via local production of highly nutritious foods. AIF is a social enterprise and embedded in its business model is a comprehensive strategy to reduce poverty, create jobs and…

Businge Joshua Muleesi

Akaboxi is a digital financial inclusion system that enables smallholder farmers in a community to manage and monitor their savings together. It provides communities with the most secure way of keeping smallholder farmers savings that are kept in boxes to be managed and monitored by use of Digitalized Financial Inclusion system. This replaces the rudimentary…

Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo

Augustsecrets Nigeria is a child nutrition company nourishing young children through the production of natural African cereals, recipe books and collections and parental support. Augustsecrets food products can be found in more than 150 stores within Nigeria and African countries. Company: Augustsecrets Nigeria Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Processing, Retail Website:   Click Here

Ibrahima Ben Aziz Konate

Poultry d’Or is a company that produces and distributes fresh poultry products and agro-foods. Their products are slaughtered, cleaned, packaged and delivered all in the same day. The company specializes in the production and distribution of agri-food products and they aim to sell chicken at competitive prices directly to the consumer. Company: Poultry d’Or Country:…

Jean Bosco Nzeyimana

Habona provides integrated waste management services and further processes the waste into affordable and environmentally friendly fuels such as biogas and biomass briquettes. The company is also diversifying into the installation and operation of clean power plants, ranging from waste to energy, such as solar, biomass, hydro, and wind, as well as climate-smart farming. Company:…

Abubakar Sadiq Mohammed Falalu

Falgates is a company that farms and mills rice. Falgates owns a rice milling facility that has a capacity of 15 tons per day and has a rice farm that employs more 180 people in Kaduna state in northern Nigeria. The company had revenues of $400,000 in 2017. Company: Falgates Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Processing…

David Samora Hamza

SORGI Enterprise is a company which is into the production and aggregation of soybean and sorghum dedicated to meet processors needs. Company: SORGI ENTERPRISE Country: Nigeria Value Chain: On-Farm Production Website:   Click Here

Oscar Obiora Udebuana

The AgroBarn is harnessing the power of simple technology to help smallholder farmers improve production yield through our services we offer them such as help them aggregate, off take and also help provide funds for this farmers. Company: The AgroBarn LimitedCountry: NigeriaValue Chain: Technology & InnovationWebsite:   Click Here

Otono Chinelo

De-healthystart Foods processes and package natural, additives and preservatives free cereals for babies aged 6 months and beyond. Company: De-healthystart Foods Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Processing Website:   Click Here

Rose Goslinga and Thomas Njeru

Provide farmers with protection and advice to enable them maximise their potentials using technology and data. With affordable insurance, Pula is increasing and protecting the incomes of smallholder farmers. Company: Pula Advisors Country: Kenya Value Chain: Technology & innovation,  Financial Services Website:   Click Here

Ladipo Lawani

Processing firm that currently produces  groundnut snacks. The organisation supports the smallholder farmers that supply groundnuts with high-quality agricultural input, training and reliable market for their groundnuts. Company: L&L Foods Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Processing Website:   Click Here

Monica Musonda

Combating malnutrition by producing tasty, affordable and nutritious foods. Java foods also increases local production by using local products, being innovative and enhancing the value of our shareholder investments while ensuring the fulfilment of employees, customers, suppliers and community. Company: Java FoodsCountry: ZambiaValue Chain: ProcessingWebsite:   Click Here

Eric Kaduru

A passionfruit farming firm that battles gender inequality and traditional gender roles by empowering young girls through agriculture. KadAfrica connects girls at the last mile of production with mass market distribution to enable them to become economic drivers in their communities. Company: KadAfrica Country: Uganda Value Chain: Processing Website:   Click Here

Dequippe Xavier

RIF is a Nigerian company which facilitates the transfer of know-how from Europe to Nigeria in the sectors of agriculture and agri-food. The organisation specialises in crop farming, livestock rearing, processing and accessing markets while providing customers with access to information, training, technologies, innovations, and supply technical and financial partners. Company: RIFCountry: NigeriaValue Chain: Input…

Dominique Kavuisya

Taimba’s B2B mobile platform connects rural small scale farmers with urban traders & digitising payments. Taimba aims to create a ready market while streamlining the agricultural value chain to improve price stability and reduce post-harvest losses. Company: Taimba Country: Kenya Value Chain: Technology & innovation Website:   Click Here

Eric Rutayisire

With the use of drone imaging technology, Charis UAS detects crop variability and disease. Charis UAS also provides pesticide spraying services using drones at 40 times the speed of traditional methods. The combination of these services help drive down costs for farmers as well as crop wastage. Company: Charis UAS Country: Rwanda Value Chain: Technology…

Keith Bolshaw

Pacific Ring West Africa Ltd. are the makers of Cassanovas cassava chips – Africa’s first, best and most delicious premium cassava chips. Company: Pacific Ring West Africa Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Processing Website:   Click Here

Peter Awin and Alima Bawah

CowTribe provides subscription-based services such as cow vaccinations, veterinary services and livestock health monitoring and well-being to farmers. Company: CowTribe Country: Ghana Value Chain: Extension Services, Technology & Innovation Website:   Click Here

Fahad and Ali Awadh

YYTZ Agroprocessing is a cashew processing company dedicated to consistent production of high quality cashew nuts through selection of high quality raw cashews, operating modern equipment for processing, maintaining safe and healthy work environments. Company: YYTZ AgroprocessingCountry: TanzaniaValue Chain: ProcessingWebsite:   Click Here

Otaigo Elisha

Tintobi Agrobusiness Limited is a Tanzanian business that focuses on farming and food processing. The organisation currently produces vegetable and fruits while engaging marginalized women and youth in product distribution. Company: Tintobi Agrobusiness Limited Country: Tanzania Value Chain: On-Farm Production Website:   Click Here

Veronica Magaji

Vemags AgroEmpire is working on improving the access of smallholder farmers to quality inputs through its Input Support Programme. The organization also provides conducive atmosphere for benefiting farmers to market their produce; through its sustainable linkages created within the value chains. Company: VEMAGS AGROEMPIRECountry: NigeriaValue Chain: Input ProviderWebsite:   Click Here

Ayo Oluwajoba Okediji

AgroInfoTech Africa is Nigeria’s first ICT for Agriculture company having started operations in 2007 offering digital consulting services to several agribusinesses. In 2015, AgroInfoTech pioneered Nigeria’s first AgriFood Innovation Center, RITE AgriFood Labs with a mission to leverage emerging technologies to create and drive innovation platforms towards the increasing impact of agri-food research and the…

Andrew Quartey and Desmond Koney

Complete farmer provides a platform for members of the public to invest in the agricultural value chain with minimal cost to farmers. Complete Farmer aims to build efficient and sustainable climate-smart agriculture systems using innovative technologies to increase food security and mitigate the risk for anyone to own and manage farms across various agricultural value…

Natalie Miller

GreenFingers Mobile provides a mobile technology platform which manages and finances large groups of smallholder farmers in value chains. It uses real time big data, to reduce transaction costs and enable the efficient inclusion of smallholder farmers in global value chains. Company: GreenFingers Mobile Country: South Africa Value Chain: Financial Services, Technology & Innovation Website:…

Saheed Adams

Ewéko concept provides agribusiness support services to farmers to help them reach their potential in productivity and consequently improve their livelihoods. Specifically, the organisation provides brokering services and networking; information and advice, i.e. market analysis, business strategies; training and support in technical and entrepreneurial issues; facilitation of interactive learning processes to support the formation of…

Ayo Olajiga

Foodpro produces carefully processed raw cashew kernels, packaged cashew snacks and other cashew based food products. Specifically, the organisation buys high quality cashew kernels from about 400 rural women, processes into packaged  cashew snacks and other cashew-based food products for local consumption and exports high quality cashew kernels to USA and other parts of the…

Claire Reid

Reel Gardening uses biodegradable seed tape which takes the hassle out of growing domestic vegetable and herb gardens. It indicates the depth and spacing necessary between plants for optimum growth. Reel Gardening offers a variety of vegetable and herb garden growing kits that are simplified vegetable gardens and garden-in-a-box. Company: Reel Gardening Country: South Africa…

Tosan Jemide

Topcrust Bakery was established in 2011, as a subsidiary of the Cakes by Tosan, an organization well known for its production of exceptional Bakery Products. It’s a wholesale bakery concept, committed to meeting the desire of Nigerian’s to have fresh bakery products at all times. The bakery is currently focused on the production of mass…

Catherine Majekodunmi

Nuts About Cakes has been making great bakery products for over 10 years, creating tasty cakes, mouth watering pastries a variety of bread and more. Their products are made fresh daily, crafted by hand and made with love. Exceptional customer service is at the heart of what they do. Nuts About Cakes is a bakery…

Oluwatosin Aderinwale

Justrite Super Store is a neighborhood one-stop retail supermarket with a wide variety of goods at competitive prices, all at your convenience. The first Justrite Super Store opened in Ota, Ogun state in the year 2000 and it became an instant success. Today, there are nine Justrite Mega Stores spread across Lagos and Ogun states.…

Adekunle Ogunwomoju

Farm Support Services Limited was registered as a company in 1995 to market poultry feeds and livestock care products such as custom-mixed feeds, drugs and vaccines, equipment etc. to livestock farmers with particular emphasis on poultry farmers in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. The company’s headquarter is in Ibadan, and now has sales outlets and…

Kelechi Ekezie

Kaptain Foods Limited is a food processing company established in 2015 to produce a blend of pre-cooked and packaged food products to serve the needs of families around the world. They are proud to introduce their ready-to-eat, blend of fresh tomatoes, red peppers and onions prepared with state-of-art equipment in compliance with internationally recognized hygiene…

Jesse Osiobe

Farmkart builds an investment vehicle for agriculture through crowdfunding. The organisation aims to improve food security through its support to local farmers by creating capital and jobs as well as promoting youth inclusion in agriculture. The Farmkart investment model has been tested for 2 years with a Investors which provides great learnings around risk reduction,…

Samson Rukaka

Companero Farmers Tanzania Limited was established in 2010 to produce  Maize, Beans and Sesame spices such as Cinnamon and black pepper, tropical fruit and TEAK treeagro production. The company has successfully managed to supply its products or other agro products produced in Tanzania to the local market and international market for the past 3 years…

Elia Timotheo

East Africa Fruit Farm trades and markets all types of foods, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables significantly reducing post-harvest losses by cold storage and powering all activities with renewable energy. Smallholder farmers in the supply chain are supported with fair prices and readily prepared land. Their model focuses on eliminating post-harvest losses and impacting farmers…

Khadija Jabir

Eatfresh was founded out of a desire to update the corporate market with the latest in food innovation. In 2008, we saw that the corporate market was lagging behind retail food standards. Retail had developed the supply chains and the food innovation necessary to offer freshly prepared food using quality ingredients, but corporate food standards…

Mojisola Ojebode

A nonprofit organization committed to global development and education, IREX has focused on people and communities since 1968. Our organization was created to bridge geopolitical divides by fostering the exchange of scholars, teachers, students, and ideas. IREX then built on its expertise and network of relationships in Eurasia to support people driving educational reform, leading…

Suleiman Dikwa

Adopting systematic mechanisms, innovative technologies with modern management techniques and resourcing mechanisms to ensure optimal performance, Green Sahara was established to deliver topmost value through standardized agricultural enterprise developing people, systems, and solutions.  Green Sahara is keen on leading agricultural enterprise in creating a world-serving and sustainable agricultural heritage in Africa by providing innovative and…

Jehiel Oliver

Founded in 2014, Hello Tractor is an award winning agtech social enterprise that focuses on connecting tractor owners and smallholder farmers across emerging markets through a farm equipment sharing application. We have over the years emerged as the leading provider of technology solutions designed for the tractor services market, capturing 75% of private commercial tractor…

Olagoke Balogun

So Fresh is Nigeria’s pioneer and fastest growing healthy food chain for a wide range of fresh, delicious, nutrient-rich and healthy meals. Fresh is best and that is how we win every day, selling a wide variety offresh salads, smoothies, juices, parfait, fiesta wraps, sandwich and other quick on the go healthy meals. Founded in…

Assumpta Uwamariya

Karisimbi Wines is an indigenous and locally produced Rwandan wine that uses beetroos rather than traditional grapes to produce wines from homegrown fruits and vegetables. The wines are produced in three variants of beetroot, pineapple and banana. Karisimbi ensures the quality of the wines meet international standards and also contains certain amounts of alcohol for…

Marie Ange Mukagahima

Zima Enterprises is passionate about stemming malnutrition, thereby producing pumpkin based products ranging from pumpkin biscuits to pumpkin seed oil, with high nutritional value. Zima partners with a community of smallholder pumpkin farmers that supply fresh and locally grown pumpkins. Company: Zima Enterprises Country: Rwanda Value Chain: Processing Website: Click Here

Lesego Serolong

Bokamoso Impact Investments is a social enterprise dedicated to connecting the impoverished rural populations of South Africa to opportunity via empowerment, using diverse entrepreneurial platforms as change catalysts. Company: Bokomaso Investment Impact Country: South Africa Value Chain: Marketing Website: Click Here

Beatrice Gakuba

AWAN Afrika is an agribusiness network that focuses on supporting women in agribusiness. It provides a repository of information pertaining to agricultural value and supply chains. AWAN also provides a digital platform that connects women in agribusiness with export, import and agricultural technology firms. Company: AWAN Afrika Country: Kenya Value Chain: Technology & Innovation Website:…

Kwabena Assan Mends

Emfed Farms is an agribusiness company set up to make cocoa farming profitable for smallholder farmers, by providing them with financially, socially and environmentally sustainable farm management services. Company: Emfed Farms And Trading Company LTDCountry: GhanaValue Chain: Financial ServicesWebsite: Click Here

Nana Adjao Sifa

Guzakuza is a social enterprise for empowering and grooming young women to create jobs, wealth and food security though entrepreneurship. Guzakuza focuses on raising a new generation of wealthy farmers and holds several workshops focusing on women in the agriculture sector. Company: Guzakuza Country: Ghana Value Chain: Training and Empowerment Website: Click Here

Andrew Youn

One Acre Fund supplies farmers with the finance and training they need to grow their way out of poverty. With flexible fertilizer and seed loans coupled with easily accessible delivery and training services, One Acre Fund enriches African farmers at a time. Company: One Acre Fund Country: Kenya Value Chain: Financial Services Website: Click Here

Kola Masha

Babban Gona provides financial, training and marketing services as well as agricultural inputs to smallholder farmers. Farmers’ risks are mitigated through the provision of low-interest loans, supply of low-cost fertilizers and seeds, training and extension, market access and improved storage options. Company: Babban Gona Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Financial and Training Services Website: Click Here

Brighton and Nduchwa Chabana

Chabana Farms works with smallholder farmers in Botswana, while mentoring and training them. Chabana aims to replace foreign animal feed and honey with high-quality locally produced honey and feed. Company: Chabana farms Country: Botswana Value Chain: Processing and Training Website: Click Here

Joe and Claudia Castellanos

Black Mamba Chilli empowers and uplifts Swazi women farmers who grow delicious and organic chillies for Black Mamba Chilli, while earning a sustainable income. Company: Black Mamba Chilli Country: Eswatini Value Chain: Processing Website: Click Here

Martin Stimela

A subsidiary of Brastrone that focuses on revolutionising agriculture in Botswana. A USSD application connecting farmers to other members of the value chain. It allows service providers create online stores. Additionally, it provides updates from buyers, sellers, farmers, merchants, the Ministry of Agriculture and short term loan opportunities. Company: mAgri Country: Botswana Value Chain: Value…

Aishat Rasheem

Farmz2U provides food and agricultural technology solutions to small and medium scale farmers, and end consumers. Company: Farmz2U Startup LTD Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Technology & Innovation Website: Click Here

Tony B Bello

Shine Bridge Global, a United States-based Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) invests in agricultural systems and food quality and safety standards in Africa and the supply of advanced ingredients to global food manufacturers and marketers. Company: Shine Bridge Global Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Financial Service Website: Click Here

Ifechukwu Anajekwu

Pinga Agro Investment Limited (formally known as EL-Kurios Farms Ltd) is private company focused on poultry farming to produce eggs and meat. Pinga is also involved in commodity trading, processing of various agricultural products, Export and import of agricultural inputs. Company: Pinga Agro Investment LimitedCountry: NigeriaValue Chain: Livestock – ProductionWebsite: Click Here

Shola Adekoya

We are a proud and responsible Fruit processing company based in Lagos, Nigeria trading as UtterlyYum. We have two broad product lines which are dried fruits and fresh fruit juices. We commenced dried fruit operation in 2017 and in May 2018 we commenced our freshly squeezed fruit juice line. We also run a Pineapple farm…

Fred Zamblé

Seekewa is a participatory financing platform dedicated to African smallholder farmers. The website allows users from across the globe to support agricultural projects on the continent through its ingenious voucher system. Company: Seekewa Country: Cote d’Ivoire Value Chain: Technology and Innovation Website: Click Here

Zanau Hassan Maikasuwa

The start-up supports farmers who plan to scale up from peasant farming to commercial farming by providing extension services, quality seeds, access to finance, access to mechanization, and general advisory services on new and innovative methods in farming. Company: Farmfields Agro-Allied Services Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Input Provider, Financial Services, Mechanisation, Extension Services Website: Click…

Awa Caba

Sooretul is devoted to delivering rural products to urban consumers. The Sooretul e-commerce platform for the online sale of local and organic foods was launched in 2014 to bring these products to Dakar consumers. Company: Sooretul Country: Senegal Value Chain: Value Addition, Processing, and Packaging

Diego Dieudonné Twahirwa

Established in 2014, it exports fresh and dry chilli pepper to European countries and chilli oil (branded Didi’s Chilli Oil) to Switzerland, the UK and US. Company: Gashora Farms Country: Rwanda Value Chain: On-Farm Production Website: https://gashorafarm.com/

Onyeka Akumah

Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform that focuses on connecting farm sponsors with real farmers in order to increase food production. Farmcrowdy has been able to empower farmers across Nigeria by getting them access to funding, quality seeds and capacity building for improved yield.  Company: Farmcrowdy Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Technology and Innovation

Aïssata Diakité

Zabbaan Holdings locally produces bush plant juices. Company: Zabbaan Holding Country: Mali Value Chain: Processing & Packaging

Robert Rutebemberwa

Birya United Agencies supplies agricultural produce such as sugar, maize flour (posho), beans and rice to Uganda Peoples Defense Forces. Company: Birya United Agencies Country: Uganda Value Chain: Production and Retail

Bright Simons

mPedigree has been battling counterfeit seeds in the marketplace by using  codes stored in a cloud database to validate products that have been registered. Farmers can text the serial code on the seed packet to a toll-free number linked to the database which would then verify if the product is original. It currently has over…

Ndidi & Mezuo Nwuneli

AACE Food Processing and Distribution Limited (AACE Foods) is an indigenous Nigerian company established in November 2009. We process, package and distribute nutritious and tasty food products made from the best of West Africa’s fruits, herbs, vegetables and cereals. We source from over 10,000 farmers and supply institutional customers, FMCGs, retail and the export markets.…

Yvonne Otieno

Miyonga Farm is a transitional horticultural farm that grows horticultural products for the export market. The products include baby corn, french beans, onions, okra, kerala, Didhi, aubergine, garlic, capsicum, passion and fern. We then use solar drying technology to prolong the shelf-life and flavour of the fruits and vegetables thus initially simple, unprocessed food is…

Samson Ogbole

PS Nutraceuticals Int Ltd is a Nigerian company using soilless technology in the production of food to ensure food production is not seasonal since hunger is not seasonal. Samson Ogbole – A company which currently is in charge of “Soilless farming for schools” – a way of introducing soilless farming to schools (primary, secondary and…

Isaiah Udotong, Ikenna Nzewi & Uzoma Ayogu

Releaf light-processes and delivers raw materials needed by agricultural factories in Nigeria using smart-processing technology. www.releaf.ng Value Chain: Input Provider

Angel Adelaja-Kuye

Fresh Direct is an organic farming start-up that uses new solutions such as vertical farming and hydroponics (growing plants without soil and with little water). The urban farming method pioneered by Adelaja-Kuye is aimed at making farming accessible to everyone to produce food, even in cities. Company: Fresh Direct Country: Nigeria Value Chain: On-Farm Production, Processing Website:…

Yemisi Iranloye

PIL is an indigenous agro allied company established in 2005 to market cassava produce but later expanded its business line to include farm development and production of food grade starch from cassava. Company: Psaltry International Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Processing and Retail Website: Click Here

Nasir Yammama

Verdant Agritech supports farmers by providing a mobile platform by which farmers can obtain information on markets, financial services and support, as well as extension sevices that teach innovative farming practices. The Verdant app connects all the stakeholders in the agricultural value chain and it is aimed at maximing the benefits of agriculture for everyone,…

Uka Eje

Thrive Agric Nigeria is a start-up that helps smallholder farmers obtain the best inputs and machinery for their farms, as well as data-driven advisory services and access to premium markets. Website: Click Here Value Chain: Input Provider

Seyi & Seun Abolaji

Made from real fruits in Nigeria, Wilson’s Lemonade bottles lemon-based juices into uniquely designed bottles. The product does not contain any artificial colouring, flabouring, additives or sweeteners and can be found in major supermarkets and food stores around the country. Company: Wilson’s Juice Co. Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Processing, Packaging, Retail Website: Click Here

Rotimi Williams

Kereksuk Rice partners with communities in Nassarawa State, providing 45,000 hectares of land, making Kereksuk Rice the second-largest commercial rice farm in Nigeria. Value Chain: On-Farm Production

Lucy Lau and Herman Bigman

Tosheka Textiles has positioned itself as an eco-friendly and ethical textile brand (using silkworm) that follows fair labour practices and provides artisans with sustainable incomes, and applies techniques that preserve culture, such as the traditional Kenyan weaving, knitting, and crochet techniques. Value Chain:  Processing, Packaging Website: www.toshekadesigns.com

Aboubacar Karim

Investiv formulate agricultural land-use maps to pinpoint areas of crop disease, poor soil fertility or under-hydration. The company then analyses the data so that farmers can take appropriate action, for instance by fine-tuning fertiliser and disease control product dosages or using water and inputs more efficiently. Value Chain: Technology and Innovation Website: http://www.investivgroup.com

Mohamed Jimale

A platform that puts members of the public into the agricultural value chain by allowing them invest in livestock, greenhouses and farmponds. Farmponds help to store water for irrigation and can be sold in times of drought and camel milk is a multi-billion dollar industry. Agrikaab also provides a source of income to Somalian nomads.…

Jennifer Bash

AKTZ Industries Ltd is a value-added business that sources, packs, brands and supplies agricultural produce to supermarkets, high-end hotels, restaurants, catering companies and gas and oil companies. Value Chain: Packaging, Branding, Retail Website: Click Here

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