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    Hans Crombach

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    Afri Agri Products Ltd

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    Afri Agri Products Ltd. was established in Nigeria in 1998 and from inception, it engaged in seed and vegetable production. Unavailability of knowledge, good seeds, water-soluble fertilizers and other inputs made us to focus further on “Supply & Support” introducing, two reputable Dutch seed companies; “Enza Zaden” specialized in covered production (green house) for the high end market while “Pop Vriend” seeds are more practical for Open Field production. Through the years we received many enquiries for affordable irrigation systems suitable for the Nigerian market. Since 2015 Afri Agri is representing Shuen Yue Industrial Co. from Taiwan producers of: San Fu drip and spray-tube irrigation, mulching foil & seedling trays. Selling good quality seeds and nursery trays doesn’t guarantee a successful crop. We therefore stock various water soluble plant nutrients (straights) from Van Iperen Int. and import stabilized coco peat from Dutch Plantin B.V. both from The Netherlands.

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