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    Hyelni Hassan

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    Sheelda Enterprises Limited

  • Keywords

    Rural Women Empowerment, Groundnut, Kulikuli, Groundnut Oil, Suya Spice

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    Under the project title 'Sheelda Rural Women Empowerment Initiative' Sheelda Enterprises Limited was borne out of the need to empower otherwise disenfranchised women in northern Nigeria. Through the initiative, rural women in Kidang Village of Borno State are engaged in local production of ethnic foods, namely - Groundnut Oil, Kulikuli, and Suya Spice. Sheelda provides resources, standardized production facility, and access to market for the products. The project provides a sustainable means of livelihood and socio-economic empowerment to the women by enabling them to make use of their local skills in order to earn a living and support their families.

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