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    Lilian Oloriegbe

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    Relian Brands Enterprise

  • Keywords

    Food processing

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    Today in Nigeria, there is an increased demand for healthy easy to prepare food as many individuals engage in various activities outside their homes that limit their choices for nutritious easy to prepare food at affordable prices. In June 2018, Relian Brands began to solve this problem by helping kitchen users cut down the preparation time of their favorite beans meal from at least two hours to thirty minutes. Our Brand is a beans processing company specializing in the processing of beans into high quality nutritious beansflour for making moimoi, akara, gbegiri soup, panakara and beans bread. Through our distributors, we've been able to reach over 300 families that have used our product and we intend to scale up our production to reach over 3,000 families in the next 3 years. As an Edo-based business, our goal is to improve the production of Edo State by leveraging it comparative advantage as a logistic hub for Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) to achieve inclusive growth and socio-economic transformation of the State that translates into substantial improvements in the quality of lives of Its people, social cohesion of its communities and global competitiveness of its Market.

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