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Plug’n’Grow is a technology company that develops advanced and economic solutions in agriculture based on proven Hydroponic and Aquaculture technology. We provide growers with commercial production lines that produce premium quality vegetables and fish at affordable costs, and are multiple times more sustainable and productive than traditional farming. Our technology is modular, significantly more resource and cost-efficient than available substitutes, and specifically caters to the climatic and economic needs of Africa and the Middle East. Hydroponic farming is a sustainable alternative to traditional farming, and enables the production of premium quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers using no harmful fertilizers and significantly less water, land, and electricity. Intensive Aquaculture relies on technology to raise fish in artificial tanks at very high densities and predictable production volumes, using less water and electricity than the more widely adopted alternative of extensive aquaculture. We are attempting to tackle the critical issues of food security and water scarcity, arising from desertification, urbanization, climate change, and an increasing global population. In addition to the stagnation and low quality standards of agriculture in the region, it constitutes between 70-90% of water consumption in developing economies. Plug’n’Grow provides a unique advantage in Egypt in that our production lines achieve the highest output capacities per meter and at the lowest production cost in the market, with no sacrifice to premium quality. We are the only technology developers of this kind in Africa, and one the most competitive in the Middle East.
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