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GRASTE ENTERPRISE is a registered legal entity by the Patent and Companies Registration Authority (PACRA) under the laws of Zambia. The company, headed by Kambone Stephen. The Company specialize in the extraction and manufacture of edible cooking oil, Poultry and framing in order to serve the people of Zambia and beyond. In a quest to tap into new opportunities, (the company intends to set up an oil extraction plant in Kasama District to provide the much-needed cooking oil from soya beans and sunflower in order to add value to the two stated crops. in addition, the business keep chickens (Village and layers) so that the by product from edible oil extraction are used to make chicken feeds. We are motivated to ensure this project is a success due to among other reasons, the large number of local farmers who grow soya beans and sunflower as well as groundnuts in Zambia. Our capacity will enable us satisfy the high demand for the oil in the country. Our feasibility study has revealed that most of the soya beans and sunflower go to waste due to lack of a processing plant to convert them into cooking oil. As a result, the hardworking farmers incur losses from their produce. Not only will we provide relief to farmers from suffering losses but the project will provide much needed jobs and encourage other entrepreneurs to emulate us in other parts of Zambia by venturing into similar lucrative ventures such as this one. VISION Our vision is to be a pioneer in the oil extraction industry that will set the tone to a paradigm shift in the way people perceive soya beans and sunflower. By extracting oil, we will add value to the fruit. We see ourselves becoming a household name within three years of our anniversary. MISSION STATEMENT To provide the most cost effective, quality and transparent services/products, paying particular attention to detail of every job regardless of the size, bearing in mind that every customer is unique. Our customers are the reason for our very existence My project is about Agri-Business (extraction of edible oil from Sunflower and soyabean) in Kasama Northern province of Zambia. The type of business will have two sectors in it. Farming to produce the raw materials needed for the making of production. Many people especially women and girls are the victims in this hunger and poverty pandemic that led to early marriages, highly dropout of school and prostitution. Now the plan is that the business will work with Ministry of agriculture to identify women cooperatives who will be given market or contacts to grow sunflower and soyabeans to sell it the company. At the farm, the organization has twenty hectors of land which will be used to grow sunflower, and Soya Beans as additional row materials for oil extraction. • Edible cooking oil extraction business is a lucrative business because the product is used daily in homes for cooking and baking purpose. Many people would like to enter into this business but the start-up capital is just too high especially the cost of machines. In the region we do not have companies producing cooking oil, there are all imported from Lusaka and Kitwe. however, Graste Enterprise has come up with the idea of establishing one in the region. • Within Zambia, there are few firms that specialize in the extraction of edible oils. This is a mature market, and the predicted future rate of growth is predicted to equal that of the common economic system. The requirement for this product has continued to remain powerful despite the economic system. • The government in its 7th National Development Plan and Zambia Vison 2030, the government is putting the promotion of agriculture is a first priority. This has made the agriculture to receive some tax exemption especially on purchases of fixed assets.
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