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    Tosin babajide

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    Agro processing , storage and distribution of farm produce

  • Keywords

    Beans flour, Yam flour, Fortified Pap, Spices

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    We are a healthy nutrition company that provides affordable fortified foods to solve the problem of malnutrition by processing organic foods in partnership with local farmers to reduce post-harvest loss. We started Broad AgroFoods in order to fight malnutrition and poverty by processing organic produce acquired directly from local farmers and increasing their financial livelihoods. Annually, Nigeria experience 50% post-harvest loss which amounts approximately to 10 billion Naira worth of agricultural produce wasted. Unfortunately, this poses serious implication for food security and nutrition in the country. We solve the problem of post-harvest loss through provision of proximity storage system close to local farmers, processing and packaging the farm produce for easier storage, faster distribution and easy accessibility to consumers at affordable price. We have been in the Agribusiness processing business for three years and we have set up our Storage and processing facility in Osun State in order to easily connect with local farmers in order to reduce post-harvest loss. We have distribution centres in Lagos and ten other states in Nigeria. We sell through an exclusive distribution system of distributors and chains of stores. We presently have 54 distributors across 11 states in Nigeria, South Africa and Canada. We have created direct employment for 12 people and indirect employment for 30 people. Our labour force is made up of 70% women. Our products include Fortified Corn flour, Sorghum flour, Plantain flour, Yam flour and Beans flour. We have NAFDAC approval for three products and the sales of our products has increased by 220% within the last 12months and we are profitable. The Total available market for our products is 200 million people and our serviceable target market for our products is 150 million people in Nigeria.

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