Ewa Agoyin: Spicy, Filling and Delicious! By Nourishing Africa

                                                                                                Image Credit: Nigerian Lazy Chef


Ewa Agoyin (also spelled Ewa Aganyin) is a street food commonly eaten in Lagos and other southern western states in Nigeria. Ewa translates to beans in Yoruba and Agoyin is the name of the area and people where the dish originated from. The beans are made soft and are mashed. The mashed beans are then eaten with a spicy roughly ground pepper and tomato sauce. Additional ingredients are palm oil, onions, and crayfish.


Ewa agoyin is commonly eaten with bread, fried plantain, and assorted meat which makes it. Extremely filling, a common phrase used to describe the dish is “ewa G go block belle”, meaning ewa aganyin will fill your stomach.


                                             Image Credit: Sisi Jemimah


It is a popular food for Nigerians as it is both delicious and very filling.  It serves as breakfast for a lot of Nigerians especially Lagosians who wake every morning anticipating the clanging noise of a metal spoon hitting a pot, which announces the approach of an ewa aganyin seller.

Ewa agonyin is full of protein meal because it is predominantly made up of beans, however, due to the oil from the sauce and the often carbohydrate-heavy and oily side dishes like bread and fried plantain, it should be eaten in moderation. Many health-conscious food bloggers and chefs are developing healthier recipes.