Langouste a la Vanille: A Fusion of Comorian Spices and French Cuisine By Nourishing Africa

                                                                               Image Credit: Vins Alsace


Langouste a la Vanille is the national dish of Comoros Island. Its English translation is Lobster in Vanilla sauce. It is made with lobster caught on the coast of the island and newly harvested vanilla which is a major agricultural crop on the island. The dish is cooked using methods that originate in French cuisine but is distinctly Comorian because of its use of indigenous ingredients and flavours.  The prominence of French cuisine stems from the fact that the island was colonised by the French in 1886 until 1975.


Low in fat and a good source of protein, like other marine crustaceans, lobsters are high in selenium and other minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B-12vitamin Emagnesium, and omega-3. Langouste a la Vanille is low in calories but high in energy, lowers inflammation, and strengthens bones.