Samaki Wa Kupaka: East Africa’s Delicious, Smoky, Coconut Marinated Fish By Nourishing Africa

                                                                                                                                               Image Credit: Saveur


Samaki wa kupaka is fish cooked in a coconut sauce and is widely enjoyed in East Africa. A delicious smoky flavourful grilled fish, usually tilapia, is coated with a rich, thick, and creamy tamarind-flavored coconut sauce.


Samaki wa kupaka can be enjoyed almost anywhere along Africa’s eastern coast and is often sold on the streets. It is often served as a stand-alone dish or with coconut rice, mandazi, or naan and a side of spinach.


                                           Image Credit: Taste Atlas


In East African countries like Tanzania and Uganda, fish plays an important role in the economy. In Tanzania, 25% of the country’s population depend on coastal resources or inland lakes for their livelihoods. Over 180,000 people are employed in the fisheries sector, with a further 19,223 people involved in fish farming. So fish is a widely enjoyed staple.

Samaki wa kupaka provides essential omega 3 oils and vitamins for healthy living.