Sukuma Wiki: Kenya’s Hearty Greens By Nourishing Africa

Image Credit: Immaculate Bites


Sukuma Wiki is a popular household dish in Kenya typically served with ugali (maize porridge). “Sukuma wiki” is a Swahili phrase meaning, depending on how you translate it, “week-pusher,” “push the week,” or “stretch the week”. This dish helps to ‘stretch the week’ when other supplies have run out and meat is scarce. Sukuma Wiki is at the heart of every Kenyan meal and is inexpensive and packed with nutrients. It is a leaf in the Kale family and is often cooked in a beef flavoured gravy. Ugali and sukuma wiki is a popular choice for dinner.

80% of Kenyans work in agriculture and they eat what they grow – a mostly collard greens and cook it to make sukuma wiki.  Hearty greens are a staple of even the most frugal diet in the rural communities of Kenya.

Collard greens are full of nutrients including vitamins A, C, and K, and are low in calories. Its high nutritional content and low calories make collard greens ideal for weight management and detox, aids digestion, keeps the liver healthy, lowers cholesterol, and maintain ideal blood sugar levels. It also improves eyesight and also strengthens the immune system.