Location(s) : Kenya
Department : Field Work
Job Type : Full-time
Application Deadline : 31-12-2019
One Acre Fund is recruiting for Kenya Deliveries & Materials Execution Specialist
The Deliveries & Materials Execution (DME) Specialist coordinates all deliveries made to the Field Team across our 50 districts and 15 regions. You will manage both weekly and incentive deliveries with support during Follow-Up Deliveries (FUDs) for our annual inputs. In addition, they support the annual planning of our seasonal agricultural deliveries to ensure that all clients receive their inputs on time and can realize a successful planting during the rains.
Plan - Participate in input delivery planning through working groups as the Field Ops representative to contribute to seasonal deliveries, improvements and strategies.
Communication - design and work on communication strategies to the field and clients on updates and challenges with input from relevant partners such as FSM and System teams.
Train - plan and work on Input Delivery Boot Camps by setting up the calendar, writing trainings, coordinating printing and distribution and planning field training location logistics.
Troubleshoot - respond proactively to field challenges, design talking points for input delivery issues and provide these to Field and CE
Execution - work on strategies arising from planning discussions and seasonal coordination meetings and developing required tools and project plans
Design annual calendar of incentives deliveries and status updates on procurement and delivery status.
Place orders with procurement and global Inputs to sources different incentives materials.
Work with relevant partners to ensure that incentives are delivered to the field on time.
Track annual performance of vendors and give feedback to procurement and work with procurement to get best available prices for high-quality materials.
Track incentive inventory and maintain records of stock levels.
Coordinate with relevant partners to receive materials to print internally and procure with external vendors.
Procure needed items with procurement or global inputs.
Work with relevant partners to ensure materials are delivered on time to the appropriate districts.
Track receipt of correct version at the district level to ensure that trial placements are received at the right place.
Coordinate boot-camp materials for Enrollment, Crop, Client Service, Input Delivery and any other boot camps.
Oversee AA team to book and expense venues for the appropriate days.
Coordinate with relevant partners on report creation for reports to staff, Group Leaders and Clients. Work with relevant teams to ensure they are printed and delivered to the field on time (delivered by transport or digitally). Reports include CRPRs, GRPRs, Client Notices, Client Invoices, etc.
Build tools to refine work
Take on projects to improve materials execution and issue resolution
Tool-kits - coordinate compilation of document content, coordinate print and delivery to ensure items are delivered to the field on time. For non-print tool-kits, publish digital documents to relevant partners.
Staff kits - Determine package for the year with relevant partners and coordinate execution of staff kits by procuring items and making sure they are delivered on time.
Track Field Staff IT needs and procure required items such as laptops, printers and other assets
Oversee IT Maintenance Process and Field IT Inventory
Tool Development and Project Management
Be the Field Operations liaison for system teams and create improvements with procurement, Logistics and Business Operations
Coordinate field issue resolution through responding to Zendesk and escalating field issues to relevant partners.
Manage 2 staffers who organize core program deliveries each week together with partners in Logistics, Business Operations, Print and Procurement.
Team planning and Leadership
Recruit, hire and on-board new team members
Systematize and downshift work
Business Administration
Exceptional Excel: Can analyze data and and give reports to multiple stakeholders
Critically analyze information: drive toward logical ideas through sound reasoning
Strong ability to liaise between multiple departments/teams and maintain good working relationships
Project management - plan, coordinate and execute multiple projects simultaneously
Good communication skills
Resilience and ability to stay focused on long-term goals
Positive attitude and a willingness to learn