Location(s) : Zambia
Department : Research
Job Type : Full-time
Application Deadline : 31-12-2019
One Acre Fund is recruiting for Zambia Agriculture Research Associate
The Agricultural Research Associate will focus on agriculture research from Desk Research to participatory farmer field trials. You will lead the process of trial identification, trial design, execution, analysis and interpretation of results, and recommendations for core program change and improvement.
Desk research: Conduct research and collaborate with other agriculture institutions in Zambia and elsewhere to inform Agricultural strategy. You will develop surveys, focus groups, semi-structured interview protocols and other farmer engagement strategies, and analyse data to discover and evaluate new trial ideas for improving impact along our 3 major impact categories: Farmer profit, Healthy soil, and Healthy families.
Reduce the cost of growing maize for One Acre Fund Zambia farmers
Move forward with trials and scale up of reduction of weeds pressure
Develop a strategy to build soil fertility and structure for One Acre Fund Zambia farmers
Best practices for designing crop storage trials
Lead farmers’ preference tests for maize and other crops
Design and support implementation of Research station trials
Play a role in trial identification and design for all research station trials.
Create impact models for each product or idea to be tested throughout trials
Create crop management protocols and calendars for trials
Support the research station team in managing trials and solving problems
Design and support execution of participatory farmer field trials
Prioritize trials, particularly through use of desk research and research station trials results
Create planting protocols and calendars for trials
Support the Impact field team in managing trials and solving problems
Data audit and analysis
Analysis and reporting
Manage statistical analyses and interpret results
Draft trial reports and make recommendations for next steps e.g. repeat trial, add treatments, scaling-up.
Veterinary Science
Experience with agricultural research and application of findings, especially in smallholder tropical agriculture.
Experience with trial management (research station and / or participatory farmer field trials)
A formal educational background in the agricultural sciences or soil science. A Master is required.
Relevant work experiences, which may include a demanding professional work experience, successful entrepreneurial experience, leading a conference, starting a business, etc.
Project management skills, communication, and leadership experience.
Data management and analysis skills. Experience with Excel (can perform complex functions) required; experience with R or Stata preferred.
A willingness to commit to living in East Africa for at least two years.
You have at least one year demonstrated experience working in the developing world, although this is not a strict requirement.
Language: English required.