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Recruiting and Managing Talent: 10 Things Agri-Food Entrepreneurs Need to Know
Funke Okuwobi

To be successful in the agriculture sector, or any sector at all, it is necessary to prioritize employees. In this episode of the Nourishing Africa podcast, Funke Okuwobi, the HR Lead at Sahel Capi...

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Effectively Managing Outgrowers to Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses
Taiwo Ogunleye

In this podcast episode, Mr. Taiwo Ogunleye, gives very useful insights on how to effectively manage outgrowers to maximize profit and minimize losses. Outgrowers programs are not so common due to...

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Creating a Profitable Niche from Untapped Opportunities in Agriculture
Ezinne Uzor-Okoro

Many entrepreneurs struggle to find the perfect niche where profitability merges with vision, sustainability, and impact. Our guest speaker, Ezinne Uzo-Okoro has created a niche in the agriculture...

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From Design to Market: How to Create New Innovative and Customer Centric Products for your Agribusiness
Moses Mallaghan

In today’s podcast episode, Moses Mallaghan shares tips on how agribusiness owners can remain relevant through the development of innovative and customer-centric products. He places emphasis...

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Increasing Sales through Branding
Zubby Emodi

In today’s podcast episode, Zubby gives reasons why agri-food entrepreneurs need to pay attention to strategic branding as a means to scale up their agribusinesses. He also points out key str...

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Leveraging Technology to Increase Your Brand Visibility
Nike Majekodunmi

Brand visibility can be directly linked to increased revenue. Despite this, many agrifood entrepreneurs have not utilized the various branding opportunities available to them. So, how do you get mo...

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Women Winning in Agribusiness
Mbali Nwoko

Agriculture has long been perceived as a male-dominated industry and so, it comes as a breath of fresh air to see women thrive in the same space. Our guest, Mbali Nwoko, a successful young female f...

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Integrating Digital Technology to Optimize Growth During COVID-19
Segond Fidens & Modu N.S N'jie

“…It is a matter of survival for any business who wants to stay afloat to adapt one or two digital technologies…” – Segond Fidens Iragena.


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5 Legal Steps to Consider When Scaling Your Agribusiness
Seun Timi-Koleolu

Legal requirements and best practices can make or break a business, particularly when scaling.  Our guest speaker, Seun Timi-Koleolu simplifies the legal steps you need to take when considerin...

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Franchising Opportunities for Agribusinesses in Africa
Chiagozie Nwizu

Have you ever considered franchising your business? Chiagozie Nwizu explains what you need to know about integrating a franchise business model in agribusinesses. He details the business requiremen...

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Pivoting your Business Model
Nkowazi Mzobe

“…Most people work in their business… rather than on their business…” – Nokwazi Mzobe

In this episode, Nokwazi M...

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The Role of Capacity Building in Sustaining your Agri-Food Business
Ifedayo Ibironke

“…Capacity building is a process of adding value to your business in a way that takes it from point A to point B in a profitable and sustainable manner.” – Ifedayo Ibironke...

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