Practical Insights for Agri-Food Business to Scale

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Pivoting your Business Model
Nkowazi Mzobe

“…Most people work in their business… rather than on their business…” – Nokwazi Mzobe

In this episode, Nokwazi M...

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The Role of Capacity Building in Sustaining your Agri-Food Business
Ifedayo Ibironke

“…Capacity building is a process of adding value to your business in a way that takes it from point A to point B in a profitable and sustainable manner.” – Ifedayo Ibironke...

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COVID19: Ensuring Food Safety in Food Processing
Johnson Kiragu

“…Food safety is paramount… each one of us has a role to play in it.” – Johnson Kiragu

The pandemic has left many food processing entrepreneurs scrambling...

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Incentivizing your Workforce for Optimal Productivity
Kelan Hays & Sunday Silungwe

In order to sustainably grow, your workforce needs to buy into your business’ vision. However, ensuring that workforce to be fully invested in this vision can be a tough task.  On this e...

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Women Leading Development in Agriculture Through Research
Miriam Kimani, Njoki Thuo, Purity Wangui

Miriam Kimani, Njoki Thuo and Purity Wangui tackle the issues of poor representation of women in agricultural research and the necessary steps needed to change this. As women conducting research on...

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How Agrifood Businesses can Remain Sustainable Beyond a Global Crisis
TsiTsi Mutendi and Nike Anani

Several businesses around the world struggle during a global crisis; some are lucky enough to pull through while a lot of others collapse under the strain. Nike Amani and Tsitsi Mutendi in this pod...

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Generating Customer Loyalty in a Crowded Market
Isioma Emina

A business cannot be sustained without loyal customers and clients but building this customer base is not easy. Isioma Emina shares tips on how to generate customer loyalty in a crowded market.


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Designing For Change With Canva – Robyn King
Robyn King

Canva is helping millions of businesses illustrate their ideas through design. Through their free online graphic design tool, you are able to create graphics that bring your brand to life. In this...

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How Women Can Position their Business for Funding
Yvonne Ofosu-Appiah

Many female entrepreneurs struggle to obtain financing for their businesses. This challenge is not necessarily due to a lack of funding opportunities but rather the lack of knowledge of these oppor...

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Creating Wealth through African Tropical Vegetables in 2020
Victor Afari and Ralph Roothaert

Our guests, Victor Afari and Ralph Roothaert discuss the importance of production and consumption of African Tropical Vegetables and how these vegetables can be a source of wealth for agripreneurs...

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