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Digital Agriculture Solutions and Services

Agrinfo strive to increase efficiency through the use of information technologies to collect and analyze data so as to give insights to farmers and value chain players to enable their decision making process. Their products and services allow them to mobilize efforts to contribute to four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Name of…

Digital Marketplace for Smallholder Farmers

Tulaa provides smallholder farmers with quality agricultural inputs on credit and brokers the sale of their crop at harvest time. Launched in 2017, we use mobile technology and artificial intelligence to smartly connect farmers, input suppliers, and buyers in a digital marketplace. Name of Innovator: Hillary Miller-Wise Website: Country: Kenya Value Chain: Financial Services

Digital Value Chain Solutions

Agro Innova is an agritech company that focuses on using digital technologies to tackle problems in the agricultural value chain. The company deploys a suite of software tools and technology-enabled platforms which help to streamline various processes across the agricultural sector. Name of Innovator: Ofosu Agyemang Patrick and Moses Mallaghan Website: Country: Ghana Value…

Digital Solutions and Services

Esoko provides innovative tools and services to organizations and individuals looking to make an impact – on their beneficiaries, with their work and in the world. Over time they have developed digital tools and services to help not only farmers, but also to help agribusinesses and development organizations reach rural communities with services and solutions…

Crowdfunding Mobile App

Livestock Wealth enables anyone to own real farm assets as they grow on a farm and earn income at harvest. They connect investors looking to buy farm assets to farmers who grow and maintain those assets until harvest. The assets could be pregnant cows, free-range oxen, organic garden tunnels and macadamia trees. They call this…

Digital Food Distribution Platform

Agrocenta was created to improve the agricultural value chain in Ghana by solving two critical problems rural-based smallholder farmers faced namely, access to market and access to finance, be it formal or informal. Their AgroTrade and AgroPay platforms solve these two problems. AgroTrade is a comprehensive supply chain platform that has smallholder farmers on one…

Mobile Solar Powered Cold Rooms

Solar Freeze is an innovative system to help smallholder farmers effectively deal with post-harvest loss through a holistic approach from storage to transportation and selling produce by using renewable energy. From the farm gate through mobile solar powered cold rooms to the transportation of fresh produce via energy efficient trucks and finally to the end…

Remote Crop Monitoring

WeFly Agri is an Ivorian company that provides user-friendly, drone-enabled technologies and services developed exclusively for agriculture in Africa. Their promise is to give farmers eyes in the sky to remotely monitor crop progress, identify production inefficiencies and enable better crop management. Thanks to their drones’ advanced imaging capabilities, they empower farmers and give them…

Crowdfunding Mobile App

Agrikaab is a mission-driven agrifood tech startup that enables investment in agriculture in East Africa. The Agrikaab app allows people from all over the world to invest in farms in Somalia and create jobs for the nomads. Agrikaab’s mission is to create a new generation of farmers, contribute to the food security of the region…

Widim Pump

Irrigated agriculture is a lever of our economy. Electric pumps and irrigation are pillars of agricultural activities. WIDIM PUMP connects the farmer to their pump wherever they are through the simple use of SMS (mobile phones). Now farmers are able to irrigate their fields from any location, easily and effectively Name of Innovator: Nano Air…

Smart Brooder

Smart Brooder is your digital mother hen. It constitutes 3 – 5 sensors that take readings throughout the brooding space and relay the data to a small analogue computer. This computer is programmed to determine the age of the chicks and regulates the conditions in the brooding space to meet the chicks’ requirement at that…

DigiCow Dairy App

DigiCow is a simple record keeping App for the dairy farmers. The App is targeting smallholder farmers and enterprise engaged in dairy farming enabling the farmer to increase their profits through data driven decision making. Name of Innovator: DigiCow Website: Country: Kenya Value Chain: Technology & innovation


AkaboxiTech is a cloud-based digital financial technology which is used to enable communities to manage and monitor their monetary savings and transactions in their saving groups. Its user-centric design makes it easy to use the system, simple and saves time. Name of Innovator: Akaboxi Website: Country: Uganda Value Chain: Financial Services

Increased Farmer Access to Information Through Voice Messages

Farmerline is a company that develops solutions to increase access to farmers and simplify transactions throughout the agricultural value chain.They give farmers access to information through voice messages in local languages, effectively bridging the knowledge gap among smallholder farmers. Name of Innovator: Alloysius Attah Website: Country: Ghana Value Chain: Extension Services

Agri-Tech Greenhouse and Drip Installation

Illuminum greenhouse is an Agri-Tech greenhouse and drip installation company in Kenya working with smallholder farmers to improve production and increase efficiency through the use of new modern technologies. Name of Innovator: Taita Ngetich Website: Country: Kenya Value Chain: Technology & innovation

Flying Knapsack System

FiKapSy is a simple design tool which uses aerial spraying using unmanned aircrafts for precision dispersal of crop stimulants and protectants. Name of Innovator: Ndubisi Arinze Eze Website: Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Technology & innovation

Online Agri-Advisory Services

Apollo agriculture uses agronomic machine learning, remote sensing, and mobile phones to deliver financing, farm products, and customized advice to smallholder farmers with radical efficiency and scalability. Apollo assesses farmer credit risk and customizes each product to a farmer’s specific location using satellite data, soil data, farmer behavior data and crop yield models. Name of…

Online Farm Funding

Thrive Agric is a platform that allows you easily fund a farm with a promise to deliver profitable returns to you while empowering farmers at the same time. Thrive Agric provides microloans to Nigerian farmers and a channel to sell produce to large buyers like Flour mills. Thrive, as they are sometimes called, makes farmers…

AgriTech Value Chain Support

The AgroBarn is harnessing the power of simple technology to help small holder farmers improve production yield through our services we offer them such as help them aggregate, off take and also help provide funds for this farmers. Name of Innovator: AgroBarn Website: Country: Nigeria Value Chain: Technology & Innovation


Tele-Irrigation allows farmers remotely control irrigation systems with their mobile phones. The service provides real-time meteorological and hydrological data which includes factors like temperature, humidity of soil, rainfall, solar radiation and wind speed. Ultimately, this allows farmers to make informed decisions on the water needs of their crops. Name of Innovator: Maman-Kané Abdou Website:…

Agriculture Supply Chain Platform

iProcure Limited is the largest agriculture supply chain platform in rural Africa. The platform provides complete procurement and last mile distribution services, business intelligence and data-driven stock management across supply chains. Through real-time business intelligence, iProcure provides an alternative distribution channel and provides complete supply chain visibility. iProcure also provides storage facilities accessible to rural…

Platform that Connects Farmers and Tractor Operators

TROTRO Tractor Limited is an agriculture technology company that has created a network of tractor owners that farmers can access via text. This allows small landowners access farm technology and increase productivity. Name of Innovator: Kamal Yakuk, Emmanuel Ansah-Amprofi, and Adam Muhideen Muhammed Website: Country: Ghana Value Chain: Technology & innovation

Mobile Crop Monitoring Service

The Crop Monitoring Service (CROPMON) in Kenya, is a four year project funded by the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) facility. The CROPMON project gives farmers information about their crop condition, provides management advice and provides a seven day forecast of temperatures and rainfall via text. Name of Innovator: Geodata for Agriculture and Water…

Crowdfarming Interface

YouFarm is a crowdfarming interface allowing the public to invest in multiple farms for a percentage profit.

Agriculture Waste Transformation

Julia Ketchup converts agricultural overproducts bought from farmers, mostly tomatoes and pineapples, into healthy, tasty, high-quality and affordable products. Ensures income stability for farmers and reduces post-harvest wastage. Website: Click here

Digital Agriculture Platform

Farmcrowdy is Nigeria’s First Digital Agriculture Platform that empowers rural farmers by providing them with improved seeds, farm inputs, training on modern farming techniques and provides a market for the sale of their farm produce. Website: Click here

Tractor-Hailing Platform

Hello Tractor offers technology for smarter, better maintained, and more profitable tractors powered by artificial intelligence for better and faster decision making. Website: Click here

Precision Drone Technology

Beat Drone is a technology company deploying precision drones to execute farm spraying, crop supervision and farmland mapping leading to increased harvest yield, lowered cost of operations and potentially reduced food cost. Website: Click here

Mobile-Based One-Stop Agriculture Platform

Mkulima Young is a mobile based one stop platform for producers, business people and consumers and other service providers in agricultural value chains in Kenya Website: Click here

Online Marketplace for Agricultural Produce

Bandim Online is aimed at reducing the 50% of farm produce that gets wasted between the farm and the fork, Bandim Online provides a platform by which farmers can display fresh produce to vendors as well as final consumers. This platform is easily accessible by USSD and Web. Website: Click here

Interactive SMS Technology

iCow provide farmers with SMS messages loaded with great information on how to improve what the farmers are doing. They provide information on best practices right into the farmers’ hands wherever they may be. They also have cool tools that farmers can use to help them reduce their risks. Their system has a menu through…

Mobile Technology-driven Precision Farming Solution

Ujuzikilimo is an agri-tech company using mobile phones as tools to transform farmers from a traditional to a modern knowledge based agricultural community. The four main service areas include precision farming through the use of sensors, climate-smart farming, insights generation through machine learning and data analytics, and agronomic support through interactive SMS. Website: Click here

Crowdfunding Platform for Agribusinesses

A crowdfunding platform that links Gambian agropreneurs to investors  willing to invest in scaling up their ventures. It targets on enriching Gambia then Africa one farmer at a time. Website: Click here

Hydroponics Technology

Egyptian Hydrofarms is growing cool weather crops in the desert using hydroponics, combating less effective traditional farming techniques. Website: Click here

Web Platform for Trading Agricultural Produce

Agrizoom is revolutionizing agriculture in Congo by taking farm produce almost directly from soil to fork. Agrizoom is an interface that allows the public to buy produce directly from farms and also invest in multi-farm fields. Website: Click here

Poultry Incubators

Adiyeaba utilizes poultry incubators to reduce costs of poultry farming and augment poultry population and health. Website: Click here

Livestock Vaccines & Medication Services using Mobile App

With a mission to “deliver life-saving animal vaccines and other services where they are needed most”, CowTribe is a for-profit organization based in Ghana that focuses on supplying smallholder rural farmers with vaccines and medication for their livestock with the use of a mobile app that aggregates each individual farmer’s livestock and subsequent medicinal requests.

Agricultural Online Marketplace

“The Digital Agromercado of Angola”  Kepya, co-founded by Wanderley Ribeiro, is an online marketplace that connects farm producers, transporters, buyers, government, financial and insurance institutions.

Adaptable Agroponics

With the dual function of growing organic crops and raising fresh fish, Save Save Our Agriculture is a Cameroonian start-up founded by Flavien Komatcha and Leslie Tipa in 2015, supplying industrial, private and professional buyers with portable, easy to manage agroponic kits, suitable for almost any environment including company offices, hotels, and private homes provided…

Agro-Drones Technology

WeFly Agri is an Ivorian business established by Joseph-Olivier Biley and Steeve Camara intended to provide user-friendly, drone-enabled technologies and services developed exclusively for agriculture.

Agri-finance Access and Management Solution – Built on Mobile Technology

Born out of the challenge farmers faced in accessing agricultural finance, FarmDrive currently connects smallholder farmers to loans and financial management tools through mobile phones in Kenya.  Founded by Rita Kimani and Peris Bosire in 2014, FarmDrive encourages farmers to register via phone and through this they are able to keep records of expenses, revenues…

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